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Thursday 08 October 2015
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December 18, 2008 - Joining the graduation exercises were Dr. John Gray, our brand founder; Darren Stephens, International Chairman; and Rich Bernstein, Global President/CEO.

Master Licensee Graduate, Scott Lippitt, will develop the Colorado territory. Coach Graduates from USA territories were Coaches Jan Wood, Florida; Dennis Duncan, Nevada; and Joel Ferguson, Nevada. International coaches representing France and Romania were Catherine Gourguechon for France and Radu Zernoveanu for Romania - both being the first Mars Venus Coaches within their countries.

Visitors to the seven day session were existing Master Licensees, Suh Shyun Yeoh and his wife, Huey Hua Liew who are developing the Malaysian territory.

During the graduation ceremony Dr. Gray inspired the newest members of the Mars Venus family. Dr. Gray recalled how many thousands of people have adopted the principles from his best-selling book, “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus” and many others from his 16 books covering gender differences.

Also congratulating the new team, Rich Bernstein, President/CEO, added, “These phenomenal individuals have undergone a massive change in their lives and will impact the lives of others in ways they never imagined. They will help people as individuals, couples, business owners or executives in realizing their dreams and bringing real meaning and value to their lives.”

Since relocating the Global Headquarters to Las Vegas from Australia in October of this year, Mars Venus Coaching celebrated a successful year with coaches now operating in ten countries: Romania, France, Guatemala, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Italy, Slovenia, Australia and both the domestic USA as well as the Territory of Puerto Rico.

For more information about Mars Venus Coaching, contact Rich Bernstein at the Mars Venus Coaching Global Headquarters at 702-835-9295. Please visit us at www.marsvenuscoaching.com

View Company Website: http://www.marsvenuscoaching.com

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