Zorability Introduces Myfrii, Formerly Getfried

ZorAbility, an advisory and investment-strategy firm for franchising, has completed its full-scale rebrand of the gourmet fry restaurant myfrii, formerly known as GetFried.  

“We’ve spent significant time, thought and resources in restructuring myfrii to ensure it can achieve responsible, sustainable success and avoid common pitfalls emerging concepts often fall victim to,” said ZorAbility CEO Sam Ballas. “The changes we made were crucial toward those goals. The result is a meticulous, data-driven approach franchisees can see and have confidence in.”

The transformation involved retooling the franchise’s footprint to optimize space and create multiple concept models. Once confined to just a kiosk-based model, myfrii’s redesign produced three store prototypes ranging from 1,040-1,680 square feet in size (exception: non-traditional locations). The versatility of its store prototypes allows for myfrii to populate high-density markets, brick-and-mortar storefronts and non-traditional restaurant spaces – like airports and universities.

Additionally, myfrii is adding a More Eats menu with boneless wings and a handful of award-winning sauces from East Coast Wings + Grill – made possible through a non-exclusive licensing agreement. The franchise will also work with renowned chef Sammy G to introduce signature items.

“Next steps are validating our re-engineering as we begin to open our first few corporate locations in 2020,” said Ballas. “We’ll adjust as needed and initially award a dozen franchise agreements with experienced franchise buyers in 2020. Our first locations will be in North Carolina, and we’ll use our strategic site-selection process to test the different-sized prototypes and new brand philosophies.”


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