Urban Air Adventure Parks Gave This Group a Family Business

Urban Air Adventure Parks

Several Generations Work Together in This Fun, Family-Friendly Franchise Business

Erin Ellis knew that she could be successful in a family business before she ever considered owning an Urban Air Adventure Park franchise. Prior to investing in the Raleigh, NC indoor entertainment business, her family worked together as owners of several substance abuse treatment centers. Although it was satisfying work, they wanted a more community-based business where they could involve younger family members. “After many years in the business, we decided it was time to move on,” she says. They sold the business and started a new path with Urban Air Adventure Parks.

Opening for Business

The entire process, starting with the initial call, all the way to the Grand Opening, took about two years. “The corporate team was very organized and professional. We always knew what to expect, even with the uncertainty of COVID,” she says.

As they moved through the process, the corporate team kept them informed and were very supportive. “There was a very friendly approach,” Erin says. “The corporate team has become like family.”

In January 2021, Erin, along with her sister Michelle, her father Dan, plus their immediate families, opened the doors for business. Although their Grand Opening was marked by COVID restrictions, they were busier than expected. “Even at 50 percent capacity, we have been hopping. There has been a lot of pent-up demand,” she says. 

For now, either Erin and/or Michelle are at the location on a daily basis, but they plan to hire a general manager to oversee day-to-day operations. 

A Growing Family

Their staff of 120 employees is made up mostly of part-time students ranging in age from 16-20. Erin loves working with them and always has their best interests at heart, especially when it comes to their safety and well being. “They are like our kids,” she says.  

For Erin and her family, investing in Urban Air has meant more than just going into business. They have added on a new extended family through franchising  as employers and as part of the Urban Air franchisee community. “It has been a win-win all around,” she says. 

Urban Air Adventure Park, Raleigh NC location
Urban Air Adventure Park franchise owners can customize their locations with a variety of creative attractions. At the Raleigh, NC location, guests enjoy the Warrior Course (left) and Flip Zone Spinning Bumper Cars (below). 
Urban Air Adventure Parks Raleigh, NC location

Why Urban Air Adventure Park?

  • Membership model for recurring revenue 
  • Multiple revenue streams including parties and events 
  • Fun, feel-good business
  • Extensive home office support
  • Innovative, unique, and diverse attraction mix (including indoor skydiving and climbing walls)
  • Strong brand recognition
  • Community-based,
    family-friendly business
  • Remote ownership option 
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