What Are the Benefits of a Good Office Design

Offices are so much more than just merely working places. Ensuring that your office has a good design can potentially transform a wide area of your business operations. Office design determines how you present yourself to employees and clients. Not just that, well-designed offices also decide how your employees work and how you can enhance their well-being. You can achieve the following benefits by paying close attention to a suitable office design:

1.It Conveys Your Business Personality And Determines First Impressions

First impressions matter. When a client or a potential employee enters your office for the first time, you want to make that impression agreeable. The right combination of entrance and reception area is what you need to note that first interaction. Your office décor is also essential in this and will let your business make a particular statement. Getting your workspace fit out is helpful in such decor elements. Such design elements serve not only to relax interviewees but also to conjure up the perfect icebreaker while meeting with a new prospective client.

There is a lack of ideas that will serve to convey your business statement to employees and clients in no way. You can use bold wall graphics of your mission statement or business value outlines. You can also display awards and trophies that your business has earned through its hard work.

Another good idea is to create a seating area that resonates with your brand identity by complementing its color pallet and suitable decor. All of these ideas let you convey a business statement without saying a word of even without a handshake. Office foyers can serve as outlines to the work that you do and give your client an idea of the kind of people who would be working for them. For instance, film marketing companies can add a lot of posters and movie memorabilia in the office foyers.

You want to reflect on your business’s overall working style and what it stands for through your office design. The design will influence all the facilities that your office comes with and how you use particular spaces according to the time of the day. For instance, a canteen serves not only to provide food to employees but with suitable décor can host informal meetings and let employees relax away from hectic life elsewhere in the office.

2.It Provides Enhanced Wellbeing

Offices that sport a good design can adapt to a wide variety of ways for staff to carry out their duties. Today, there is no room for the idea of keeping employees chained to office desks. A majority of office designs these days have an open plan. Many roles are OK with the busy and noisy chatter of an office, but it can get annoying and distract them from the task they have at hand for some. Accordingly, an office design needs to include a space where an employee experiences calmness and quiet. Such areas may come in the form of:

  • Quiet working zones
  • Hot desking
  • Small informal meeting spaces
  • Break out rooms

Keep in mind that the workplace needs to be flexible. The design should let employees finish up tasks and negotiate all the distractions with a chattery, noisy office. Besides, having the freedom to have your working method will help employees be more productive and boost their well-being and morale. It will make the frustrations and tensions that come with office work more easily negotiable.

3.It Facilitates Better collaboration.

There are plenty of companies with designated teams from a variety of departments of the business. Such groups constitute of members from the different departments and combine the skills and expertise of the members. This results in making it possible to deliver the best possible results. Collaboration is the key to the functioning of such teams, and office design affects this collaboration. The right design for your office will help streamline and smoothen the collaboration process letting team members share solutions and ideas effectively.

Typically, meeting rooms are where all such work takes place. Still, several tools help to make such collaboration more effective. Such a list would include:

  • Teleconferencing solutions for remote employees
  • Presentation software and screens
  • Adequate number of meeting rooms

Having such facilities will help in enhancing team communication and let them share ideas. That, in turn, allows teams from different departments and even from other locations to function effectively.

Final Thoughts

The keyword in today’s offices is flexibility. Flexibility will let employees work flexibly, adapt, change as per the situation and surroundings, and steer clear of distractions and monotony. Office design enables you to achieve such flexibility while making your workplace more enjoyable. It boosts the morale of employees and ensures their well-being. It also facilitates collaboration and sharing thoughts and ideas. Let your staff thrive through a working environment best suited for them, which allows for their individual working styles.

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