4 Marketing Strategies That Bring Positive ROI

Every marketer wants their marketing strategy to work. Effective marketing strategies are always aimed at helping a business achieve its targets. Marketing targets can be brand awareness, boosting sales, driving more traffic to a website, or lead-generation. While some of these targets might be achieved, marketing spends always tries to ensure that the strategies profitably generate business.

In essence, ROI is a metric that can be used to measure whether marketing strategies employed have yielded any profit for a business or not. Therefore, while launching marketing campaigns, most marketers will always ask themselves if the methods employed will bring any revenue.

We have identified 4 marketing strategies that have been proven to bring positive ROI to businesses. Take a look and you could learn a thing or two.

1. Content Marketing

Content marketing is a marketing strategy that involves creating and distributing material aimed at a target audience to eventually achieve profitable customer action. The content can be shared through online channels such as blogs, social media posts, videos, infographics, ebooks, and many others. Content marketing does not aim to overtly promote a brand, rather, the aim is to stimulate interest in its services or products.

Most content marketing today is conducted online. A good content marketing strategy is the starting point. It will help you to identify your goals, identify and analyze your audience, know the channels to be deployed, decide the content type, and create the actual content. After content is distributed, you will finally measure the results to know if any goals have been achieved.

One of the keys to great content management is evergreen content. Update the content regularly and re-purpose it accordingly. Promoting content that has been optimized can also increase ROI.

2. SEO

SEO is the backbone of the web. All marketing campaigns have content. Good SEO strategies ensure that content reaches your target audiences, that people find you, and that they keep visiting your site. The professionals over at AdInfusion.com advise that if you have a website, conducting an SEO audit on your site will help you know whether the marketing strategies that you have employed are working or not.

When you optimize your website accordingly, you can earn a higher ranking on search engines. Being ranked higher means that visitors are likely to visit your site and not that of your competitors. SEO also helps your site to load faster, and this gives your visitors better user experience. If users are pleased by good content, fast loading time, and internal links that lead to relevant landing pages, they might return more. This will eventually boost website traffic. More visitors mean more visibility of your brand and ultimately, more conversions. Employing good SEO practices can therefore increase marketing ROI.

3. Digital Marketing

Marketers can leverage the internet and other online-based technologies to promote products and services. During current times, any marketer who ignores online communities does so to the detriment of their brand. Marketing aims to bring brands where people are, and since more people are spending their time online, digital marketing is a sure way to achieve marketing goals and increase ROI.

In digital marketing, channels such as websites, search engines, and social media are used to reach audiences.

Marketers need to draw a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that is based on the specific needs and goals of a business. A good strategy should include the use of a website, social media, video and mobile marketing, and all other available channels. The beauty of digital marketing is that a campaign can be launched on multiple channels simultaneously, thus increasing the campaign’s visibility.

4. Email Marketing

It is estimated that at least 92% of internet users have an email account. Converted into actual numbers, this percentage represents billions of potential customers across the globe. Some findings also indicate that email marketing is more effective than social media marketing. Email marketing can be used in content promotion through repetitive marketing. People are more likely to act on a marketing email sent to them privately because they feel that it is more personal.

Even though email marketing takes time and effort, it has been proved to be very effective in boosting marketing ROI. Associated costs are also low.

When businesses employ effective marketing strategies, audiences are likely to respond to their campaigns. How audiences respond to campaigns informs the marketers of audience needs, thus they can make any adjustments that will ultimately end up in profitable customer action. The above marketing strategies can be combined with other mechanisms to boost marketing ROI.

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