Want to Start a Zero Waste Lifestyle? Heres How

Outside, single-use containers are all the rage these days. While we can’t help that disposable items are ideally “safer” to prevent the further spread of the virus in times like this, we still have enough reasons to start or continue a zero-waste lifestyle in the comfort of our own homes.

It would have been nice to say that the current trend is zero waste. However, there is a need for more and more people – if possible, everyone – to adhere to this kind of living. If you are one of those people who are becoming more mindful of how you approach life, then read along and be inspired.

Knowing “Zero Waste”

So, what is a “zero waste” lifestyle and why is it important to invite more people into the bandwagon?

The goal of zero waste living is to reduce waste production in a household as much as possible. It is minimalism at its finest. In fact, families who have adopted zero-waste life as a way of living can go as far as only producing one jar of trash a year. Yes – a whole year.

Imagine the inspiring transition from generating an average of one bag of trash a day per person, to one jar of trash a year per household! That’s certainly neat!

However, it is likely impossible to not produce trash at all. Plastic bags and pet bottles are everywhere. Inexpensive but sturdy plastic equipment is all around the market. Even small pieces of paper, like the sticky price tag pasted on your newly bought bottle of jam, are still considered trash.

As such, you must understand that the zero-waste lifestyle isn’t a trend that forces one to actually deny themselves of some unarguably convenient things. Instead, you can view it as a goal – a mindset that allows people to become more mindful of how they consume products and manage waste.

Going “Zero Waste”

Most people fear that going zero waste means spending a lot more than necessary. However, once you get the hang of it, you’ll start appreciating the things that truly matter most. Going from a hundred to zero in a day is not sustainable – at all. Skeptical? Ask the experts. Start small. Build a habit. Incorporate each little habit into your way of living in such a way that as days go by, you’ll hardly even notice a drastic change. There are plenty of ways in which you can start having a zero-waste lifestyle.

    • Creating

When you create things from scratch, you’ll appreciate the hard work put into it. Thus, you’ll enjoy it more.

As you save or recycle items no longer useful in their current state, you’re putting that creative energy into something that can serve you and others without damaging the planet. Creating also means buying things raw – preferably in bulk – and being the resourceful, skillful person who can make cosmetics, cleaning solutions, or new, healthy recipes from scratch.

    • Shopping

But if you don’t have the skills – yet – you can always score the market for something that will ultimately support your zero-waste agenda.

Bulk stores are wonderful places to have in your neighborhood. Visit these stores and purchase pasta, zero waste shampoo, biodegradable toothbrush, etc., and slowly turn your house into a haven for zero-waste inspirations. Exchange any single-use plastic containers with glass variants. Minimize your purchase of items that come with plastic wrappers.

    • Saving

Let’s talk about saving from two perspectives. One, saving or salvaging whatever supplies you still have at home like a shirt that your child has outgrown or an empty bottle of jam. Cut down that old shirt and make it into a reusable shopping bag or an adorable quilt. Clean out that bottle and use it as a container for your grains or pickles.

Two, remember that adopting a zero-waste lifestyle means saving the planet. Reducing your personal waste by refusing to purchase or get any item you don’t really need (yes, even if it appears to be “free”) is equal to the reduction of non-biodegradable materials that end up in the world’s waters.

Really, there are plenty of things to start with!

The Zero-Waste lifestyle is a win-win way of living. One person at a time, one household at a time – then the world will heal at its perfect time. If you ever get discouraged about pursuing zero-waste, don’t ever think that it entails denying yourself the good things in life. Instead, believe that you are offering the planet and your generation so much more.

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