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Meeting the Demand for Coworking Spaces is Heating Up. This Young Veteran Entrepreneur is Just Getting Started.

Working from home may sound appealing to the countless people that have been working in their offices and cubicles for years, however it can be isolating.  Entrepreneurs are also noticing higher real estate costs which are leading professionals and investors to Venture X. Coworking spaces are giving people another option as they work to make their businesses more effective and efficient. Coworking is going to be the hub, driving the spokes of the entrepreneurial world over the next decade.

As the President of Venture X, I oversee all aspects of the growth and development of this dynamic business. I believe coworking in its essence is the future of the world’s shared economy.

It’s clear that this industry is at the forefront of a transformation in how the world views working spaces and real estate. By 2020, The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates 65 million Americans will be freelancers, independent contractors, temps, or entrepreneurs. At the beginning of each morning, 40 percent of America’s workforce could be walking into coworking spaces to do their business rather than walking into a home office or café. Venture X is primed to be the top player in the industry because of the multiple factors driving growth in the coworking industry.

Veteran Service and Business Leadership

As a veteran, the military instilled in me a drive to succeed against all odds. Every day my goal is to further Venture X’s reach globally and help the Venture X team move forward in an effective way. I enlisted in the United States Air Force at 17 years old and forced my parents to sign to allow me to do so. In less than 60 days after high school I was in basic training. The military changed my life, my mindset for the future, and I believe it changed the way I thought about business and success moving forward.  After the terrorist attacks on 9/11, I was deployed overseas. I spent the first few weeks shoveling wet sand into sandbags for bunkers in the cold and wet British countryside. Had I gone to college I could have been flying planes and managing troops. I knew when I completed my military service, I would push myself to be successful, but also to be an example for the people around me. I guess you can say I overcompensated by getting three degrees and an Ivy League Certification.

As the President of Venture X, it is important that we applaud the heroes in this nation. When I say heroes, I mean all of the veterans and service members who have served and who are serving our great nation. I’ve watched almost every documentary on Vietnam and World War II and seeing so many brave souls run into battlefields is something inconceivable for most to understand, but these heroes did just that to fight for our American freedom. Most of these men and women will never be known by you and I or be a household name. As a small token of our support, at Venture X, we provide a 10 percent discount off the franchise fee for our heroes.

Veteran Franchisees Lead to Sucess

One of our hero franchisee’s, Ryan Gagne, a Marine veteran, is the owner and operator of our flagship location in New England. Venture X Marlborough-Apex Center opened this year for business and Ryan is already planning to expand into locations in southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Ryan made it to the rank of Sergeant in the Marine Corps Reserve and was activated in Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm.

It excites us when we have a franchisee that takes the brand to new heights, just like Ryan. His military background shows in his business acumen. Even though Ryan is the owner and CEO of Venture X Marlborough-Apex Center, he’s the first to tell you that no job is too low for him to do. His military background is why this facility is and will stay a successful franchise location and example for the rest of our franchise system.

“Only once prior to Venture X did anyone pass judgement in a positive way about my military service,” Ryan stated. “Venture X cares about veterans and all of their franchisees. It is clear that Venture X, and its partner company, United Franchise Group, realizes the sacrifices our veterans have taken, and they respect it.”

In 2016, Venture X partnered with Ray Titus and United Franchise Group, a company that is responsible for some of the franchise industry’s top-ranked, award-winning brands. As a veteran it was important for me to see their appreciation for our armed services. As we look into the future, I hope effective business leaders, veterans, and people with a desire to grow with us see how valuable this company is and will continue to be.

Jason Anderson is United States Air Force Veteran and President of Venture X, a modern, professional coworking space franchise that offers virtual, community, shared and private offices to members.

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