The Dawn of the Virtual Estate Sale

Jason Anderson, United States Air Force Veteran

and President of Venture X

With $1,650,000 in Online Sales So Far This Year, Caring Transitions Doubles Down on and Opens the Door (literally) to a New Way to Buy and Sell

Operating over 190 franchises across the country, Caring Transitions has solidified itself as perhaps the most well-known Senior Rightsizing Franchise in America. It is the only company that handles every aspect of senior relocation. It is one of the few (if not the only one) that controls its own national online auction platform. boasts over 263,000 unique site visitors and a revenue of over $1,650,000 this year alone. With a unique model that supports and promotes exclusive online auctions nationwide, Caring Transitions is poised to completely revolutionize the estate sale auction industry.

Imagine walking into the front door of an estate sale, moving through the whole house, noting every single item you’re going to buy and bid on along the way. Afterwards, you make your way to the checkout and pay quickly and easily… without ever leaving your home. With the latest addition to, interested bidders/buyers can attend Caring Transitions Estate Sales across the country at the click of a button, from the comfort of their own homes. This is not eBay, this is an interactive tour of real-life estate sales… opening the door (virtually and literally) to the most passionate, detail-oriented, buyers.

Referencing the power of CT Bids, Ray Fabik, President of Caring Transitions had this to say: “The sheer reach of has helped many franchise owners create additional revenue by making sales that otherwise never would have existed.” Wherein many estate sales are hampered by their geographic location, Caring Transitions franchisees can sell anywhere, anytime, to anyone and now, franchisees are no longer simply selling, they will literally be showing.

Indeed, CT Bids can serve as a major source of income for any Caring Transitions owner, but it is just one revenue stream that franchisees can utilize. Franchisees also tap into revenue from relocation, downsizing, and in-person estate sales. With a reputation for trust, compassion, and professionalism, combined with the infrastructure and marketing support provided by the corporate team, new franchisees can expect to be the #1 name in their community when it comes to senior moving assistance.

Bolstered by the newfound ability to show estate sales 24/7, prospective franchisees know Caring Transitions provides an incredible opportunity for both fulfillment and financial freedom.  Additionally, clients are comforted knowing Caring Transitions will provide the services needed to help their relatives relocate with dignity.

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