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Veterans Business Services strategy to reach, support and help place Veterans in franchising continues to work one Veteran at a time

Our marketing platform built in 2013 to support Veterans in franchising has been selecting only franchises that provide discounts or incentives to Veterans and which have a commitment to supporting Veterans in the future.

VBS has been educating and mentoring Veterans about the franchise selection process and Bobbi Collins selection of the Tutor Doctor franchise is another example how we are reaching Veterans who have a passion for franchising.

Tutor Doctor started marketing with VBS in September 2014 with an aggressive campaign to promote their Veterans Entrepreneur Program which provides up to 100% financing at 0% interest for those who qualify.

Bobbi Collins, was interested in the Tutor Doctor offering which is an attractive business model to Veterans for a number of reasons, including the unique value proposition and the fulfillment of making a difference in the lives of customers.

Bobbi L. Collins was a DLA Pacific Deputy Commander. She is a distinguished graduate of the Naval Postgraduate School where she was

awarded the Master of Science Degree in Systems Management, with a sub-specialty in Supply Chain Management. She also earned the Naval Supply Systems Command Award for Excellence in Systems Management.

Ms. Collins retired from the United States Navy as a Commander in the Supply Corps in May 2007. She reported to Officer Candidate School in April 1986, where she received her commission on August 1, 1986. Her joint experience is the result of serving as an International

Logistics Officer at the U.S. Pacific Command, Camp Smith, Hawaii, working in both joint and combined logistics efforts. Her military assignments within the Defense Logistics Agency include the Commander of the Defense Supply Center Philadelphia, Pacific Region and

the Operations Officer of the Defense Distribution Depot, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

Ms. Collins’ awards include three Defense Meritorious Service Medals, two Navy Commendation Medals, a Navy Achievement Medal, and the Surface Warfare Supply Corps Officer Qualification pin.

Bobbi is an entrepreneurial military veteran who has spent the majority of her military providing broad logistics and supply support for government contracts. Much of this support is delivered based on large contracts. Bobbi connected with Tutor Doctor in mid-October 2014 because she saw that need in her market for a professional company to offer private, in-home tutoring. She had first-hand experience with the deficiencies in the learning center model and knew that Tutor Doctor provided a unique business opportunity for her local community.

Now just four months later she is up and running with revenue being generated in the first week of business.

As you consider this story, keep in mind that Bobbi does not have a background in education. Rather, she has a passion for owning a business that offers a unique service that makes a difference in the lives of their customers.

Think of what Tutor Doctor is doing to the supplemental education industry like what Redbox and Netflix have done to the movie rental market. Virtually overnight, these companies structurally altered the way people rent movies by creating a more convenient, more effective and more affordable way to watch movies (which put Blockbuster out of business). At Tutor Doctor, they are reshaping the way parents can get academic help for their children. American’s mindset toward education and tutoring has shifted and private tutoring is the fastest growing trend among parents to help their children achieve their academic goals. When parents discover that Tutor Doctor will match their child with a professional tutor who will work with their child on a one-to-one basis in the convenience of their own home, all for

about the same price they would pay to take their child to a learning center, they are blown away.

VBS would like to applaud Bobbi Collins on successfully starting a Tutor Doctor franchise and we wish her all the success in the future.

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