This Former Engineer Finds Meaningful Work as a Franchise Owner

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Sharp Found Meaning With the PuroClean Franchise

Before Linda Sharp decided to become a PuroClean franchise owner back in June 2016, she put careful thought into the selection process. “This would effectively be my last career, and I wanted to make it count,” she says. She has been pleased with her decision, but with the onset of COVID-19, she is even more satisfied with her choice. 

For Sharp, PuroClean was a great fit for many reasons. Most notably, she loved the collaborative culture and the company’s commitment to giving back. “PuroClean puts priority on helping others and treats franchise owners like partners. My input is always valued, and that means a lot,” she says.  

No Stereotypes

Although she is frequently asked about leading a company in a male-dominated industry, she says she never gave it a second thought. “It’s funny to me that people find it unusual,” she says. “I was never concerned that I couldn’t make it work because I am a woman.” Sharp’s previous career was also in a male-dominated industry. As an electrical engineer, she worked in the oil and gas, high tech, and medical markets. Her many roles included sales, product design and development, and project management. 

For her next step, Sharp wanted to continue in a fast-paced, complex environment, but with something meaningful, which she found with PuroClean. “The very nature of the business is helping people, and I love that,” she says. The restoration and remediation franchise serves people during their times of need, after their homes or businesses have been damaged by water, fire, mold, or biohazard issues.

Giving Back

Sharp and her team strive to build meaningful relationships in their community and regularly donate services to first responders and those in need. They are also involved in the local Chamber of Commerce, which has helped the business gain a strong presence locally. 

With the onset of COVID-19, Sharp’s team donated deep cleaning services to the local fire and rescue departments. Using ATP testers, which detect biological matter. The team tested, cleaned, and retested firetrucks until they achieved “hospital clean” standards. 

Support Through COVID

Watching other businesses shut down, and now go through phases of reopening across the country, Sharp has been grateful to have the support of a franchise. “I can’t imagine how things would have gone if I tried this on my own. The corporate headquarters provided guidance every step of the way, including creating standards for the increased demand in COVID-19 biohazard cleaning services.” 

Looking Forward

Although biohazard cleanup was already one of PuroClean’s services, the increased demand has brought in a larger commercial customer base to Sharp’s business. “The need for this service is not going away. I find myself making more bids for more frequent services. I am currently interviewing for new team members to meet the demand as our franchise location continues to grow.”       


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