TaKorean Founder Mike Lenard Brings a New Type of Taco to Franchising

TaKorean franchise

The Korean Taco Grill Blends Latin and Korean Flavors into a Unique Build-Your-Own-Bowl Franchise

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TaKorean founder Mike Lenard (above) describes the emerging fast-casual concept as “Korean-ish food with a Latin American twist.” Serving rice bowls, slaw bowls (salads), and tacos that have fresh Korean flavors, TaKorean is an elevated fast-casual concept where guests build their own meals by choosing ingredients down a line.

Although the concept is unique, it’s not unusual. “This is the type of food that people can eat multiple times per week and fits into a daily routine. It’s well-balanced and fills you up without weighing you down,” he says. And it’s also gaining in popularity. “While there is very little competition in Korean food franchises, Korean restaurants are exploding across the country,” he adds.

TaKorean franchise

But it’s not just a fad or something that requires a sophisticated palate. “Korean food is having a big moment in America, one that will result in widespread knowledge and acceptance of the cuisine itself. We are something new and possibly the next great thing in fast-casual, but our branding and food are still extremely approachable for all.

TaKorean Food Truck

TaKorean started out of a 1985 Ford food truck in 2010. “We became very popular in those early days and built our brand and company over time.” TaKorean opened five corporate locations in both traditional and non-traditional spaces and began franchising in 2022. “We grew the company organically and optimized our operations and training to the point where it started to make a lot of sense to look into franchising.”

TaKorean’s Franchise Development

The TaKorean team is prepared to grow through franchising and has an experienced support and sales crew ready to bring on new candidates. “We truly area great concept. Everyone on our support team has been working at TaKorean for five years or more,” he says. “We are great presenters, have beautiful slide decks and can close deals with the right candidates.” Lenard and his team want to grow at a slow and steady pace with a goal of selling three to five franchise units in 2023. Although multi-unit owners will fit into the equation down the line, Lenard plans to start new franchisees with single units and offer right of first refusal if another investor is interested in a neighboring territory. “We want to establish an incredible baseline of performance and support for our early franchisees before we grow more aggressively.”

TaKorean Franchise

TaKorean franchise

The TaKorean franchise brings a unique twist to the fresh and healthy fast-casual market. Its build-your-own-bowl concept offers a fast, fun and unique dining experience. With TaKorean, investors can offer something new and exciting in their communities. Here are some of the many benefits of franchise ownership with this emerging brand.

  • Low inventory with few ingredients
  • No specialized cooking skills or culinary background needed
  • Simple concept and preparation
  • Fresh food prepped in store
  • First-to-market opportunity with unique business model
  • Proven concept in several markets
  • Experienced leadership with established brand

For more about the TaKorean franchise, visit https://www.takoreanfranchise.com/.

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