Secrets to a Barista-Quality Espresso Your Customers Will Love

Have you ever wondered how the coffee tastes so good when a barista makes it? A lot of things go into it, it’s not as simple as pouring a bit of coffee and hot water! So how do you actually improve the quality of your beverages, so that they taste just like the ones made by professional baristas all over the world? A simple question that has multiple different answers that all need to blend together, from the right ingredients, tools, and timing, you can have the perfect espresso in no time! So here are some secrets to a barista-quality espresso your customers will love!

Practice makes perfect

If there is something you should keep in mind when starting your espresso-making journey, is the fact that practice makes perfect! Not every barista is born to make espresso, and neither is you, so don’t lose faith in your first few cups aren’t perfect! You’ll gradually get better and get the hang of things, as soon enough you’ll make the perfect cup of espresso even in your sleep! With that being said, practice making espresso every day, like it’s the last thing you do, only then you can reach the desired level of quality and taste, which will leave your customers wanting more!

The right ingredients

Coffee is so much more than just a mix of water and smashed grains, and on top of that, coffee should be enjoyable and not just something you drink solely to wake up in the morning. So thinking about getting the right type of ingredient, especially choosing the type of coffee you want to go with can truly make or break your beverage! Some people prefer their coffee strong and short, like a shot of espresso, while others like a bit of steamed milk or cream to add a bit of sweetener – make sure you cover all the grounds!

Having the right tools

The real reason the coffee from the shops tastes so good is the fact that they use top-notch espresso machines and tools! A lot of baristas, coffee enthusiasts preach super automatic commercial espresso machines, as a great thing to have in your espresso-making journey! You want something good and practical, that will without a doubt make your coffee taste and look amazing, so your customers simply can’t help but come back! Even if you are just starting, this is a great investment in the long run, it’s better to put down a bit more money and buy a professional device than to get something mediocre – some customers can feel the difference from a mile away!

Start with a clean slate

This might sound pretty obvious, but a lot of people forget to clean their portafilter before using it to dose and make a new cup of coffee! It’s only coffee, so it’s not dirty as you will eventually make new coffee with it, right? While that statement might be true, the buildup of prior coffee grounds might totally ruin your new dosage! Mixing old and new coffee grounds, especially if you left it for some time, can make it bitter and just not as fresh, So make it a habit to always thoroughly clean your portafilter and start dosing with a clean slate, and not to mention clean your cups and the area where you work – no one likes the sticky feeling of spilled coffee and stains!

Dose correctly

One of the worst mistakes you can make while preparing espresso is to dose your ingredients incorrectly – from making it way too strong to watering it down a lot, you can truly ruin your cup of coffee real quick! Since professional baristas handle dosing like second nature, you might think it’s easy when you see them do it in front of you – but it actually isn’t! Dosing can be done in more ways than one, you can use the easy way out, and use the pre-set dosing, or you can do it by hand and use a measuring scale! On top of that, you want to prepare the right amount of water and bring it to the right boiling point – so you don’t let it cool down! It’s all about making the timing just right and dosing the ingredients so they blend into the perfect concoction your customers would be satisfied with!

Feel free to experiment

Sure, everyone knows how espresso is made, but that doesn’t have to be set in stone, now does it? You can always try to experiment with your coffee a little bit and see what method works best for you! This can also be applied to ingredients as well and how you serve the coffee in the first place. People are used to the basics, but something fresh might just be a great way to boost your traffic, just make sure to still keep some of the basic principles of making espresso but add your own twist to it if you want! And if you are feeling extra adventurous, you can try to make special drinks, like espresso vodka cocktails or something extravagant like that, it’ll at least make your customers talk!

Add a bit of love

Last but not least, coffee served with lots of love can go a long way! If there is something important to a business, it’s having good customer service, and serving your customers with a bright smile! Being pleasant can go a long way, it can totally make or break the whole experience to customers, so adding a bit of love and humbleness can make them like the coffee just a bit more! Especially if it’s early in the morning, all they want is a shot of energy and a bit of friendly social interactions, so don’t be shy!

At the end of the day, coffee lovers are both picky and will drink any kind of coffee all at once – it’s a strange demographic because you have to obtain a certain standard, but also you can get away with preparing basic espresso and make a booming business out of it! It’s all about blending all the useful tips and tricks and using them to your advantage, to make the perfect cup of espresso and make your customers satisfied each day!

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