Franchise Expo Nashville

Explore Franchise Opportunities and Unlock Your Ultimate Business Self

The Franchise Expo Nashville is set to debut May 7-8 at the Music City Center. The Franchise Expo, sponsored by the International Franchise Association, will bring together franchisors and prospective franchisees eager to join the rapidly growing and successful $700+ billion franchise industry.

Maximize Your Expo Experience

If you are a potential franchisee, conduct some initial research to get a feel for what franchising opportunities are out there prior to attending the event. Then use you Expo experience to narrow down specific franchise brands you are interested in and spend time visiting those booths.

Preparing questions for franchisors at the show is key to gaining a better understanding of the brand. Take the time to ask about information that cannot be found on the company website. Questions about training, marketing, or ongoing support will help determine if a particular franchise brand or industry will be a good fit for you.

Before a franchise agreement is signed, a great deal of time and effort goes into making sure it’s a good fit for both parties. A franchisee, whether a single unit purchaser, a multi-unit investor, an area developer or especially a Master Licensee, must know they’re making the right decision. You need to know the franchise brand is one that will be around; support will be there, especially when its needed most; the product/industry is right for the marketplace; and the chances of success are high.

It is critical to assess your compatibility with franchising, if you’re a good fit for franchising in general, and for the specific type of franchise business. You may be a great fit for a service franchise, but a poor fit for a food & beverage one. Depending on your skills and experience, it is important to make the right connection with a brand and the people that stand behind it. Those connections are best made in person.

Last year, Covid caused a temporary slowdown of person-to-person interactions. Connections were made through emails, texts, and Zoom meetings, but nothing can compete with the ability to look people in the eye and have an authentic in person conversation to determine if there is going to be a business chemistry.

At a Franchise Expo, in addition to meeting franchisors and networking with other like-minded entrepreneurs, you can also see how receptive a market is to the product or service of a franchise brand you may be interested in. Quality franchise expos will also have a conference component that can provide answers and insight into the franchise industry.

At Franchise Expo Nashville, each session and workshop will be offered in a safely distanced environment where you can ask questions, network with others, get involved in discussions, participate in polls and surveys that will help you select the best franchise for your needs. Seminars are free and explore topics about financing your new business and how to franchise your existing business. Most of these seminars only take 1 hour and are free of charge. So, there is plenty of time to explore franchise brands and network on the show floor.

Workshops are more intensive than their seminar counterparts and provide a comprehensive and detailed learning experience. These paid sessions are given by foremost experts in the franchise industry and will generally be 1.5 to 2 hours in duration. Workshops will deal with the most up-to-date practical, legal, strategic and financial issues in the franchise industry.

Franchising touches nearly every industry with varying investment levels.  Connecting with the right lenders, formulating a business plan, and understanding your financial strengths and weakness are the first steps in getting the funding you need. Many franchisors even offer their own internal programs to assist with financing, making franchise ownership a tangible reality.

Visiting Franchise Expo Nashville will be the most efficient way to start your journey to owning and operating a successful franchise business of your own.

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