Sales Pro Finds Freedom with Top Rail Fence

Sales Pro Finds Freedom with Top Rail Fence

Franchisee Rudy Bennett Saw Huge Potential in the Fencing Franchise

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Rudy Bennett had an incredibly successful career in corporate America, but he grew tired of growing companies for someone else. “I made hundreds of millions of dollars for other people and have nothing to show for it,” says the former sales pro. He finally decided to build something for himself to gain more control over his destiny and have a better work-life balance. Bennett took his time and did a thorough search for a franchise opportunity. “It took two years. I talked to every brand conceivable,” he says.

He was most impressed with Top Rail Fence and its parent company, HomeFront Brands. In July 2023, Bennett invested in three Top Rail locations in Utah, spanning from Salt Lake City to Provo. He currently has a team of eight subcontractors but plans to expand. “I will go a mile wide and three inches deep. I want to grab more prime real estate in Utah with Top Rail Fence and then buy three or four additional brands in HomeFront’s portfolio,” he says. “I want to scale to the point where I am managing the managers.”

Top Rail Fence franchise
Top Rail Fence franchise
After a thorough, two-year search for the perfect franchise opportunity, Rudy Bennett decided on Top Rail Fence. His intensive training at the company’s headquarters taught him everything to know about the fencing industry and business including sales and operations. Top photo: Bennett poses with Jeff Dudan, chairman and CEO of HomeFront Brands. Above: Bennett works with HomeFront’s training team.

Top Rail Fence Business Model

Bennett immediately saw the value in the business model. As a homeowner, he struggled to have a fence built on his property. “It took forever to get my fence done. This is a fragmented industry made up of random contractors. It’s next to impossible to get anyone to do the work or even answer the phone,” he says. Most of all, Bennett liked the team at HomeFront Brands. “The people at HomeFront are great. They address issues right away and helped me understand fencing. They have an amazing culture that’s supportive and goal-focused.”

This is significantly easier than working in corporate America!

A Scalable Business

Bennett’s instincts about Top Rail were right. Since launching his business, he has been able to scale more quickly than he thought and has already eclipsed his former corporate income. “This is significantly easier than working in corporate America!”

Ideal Top Rail Franchisee

Top Rail Fence franchise
  • Desires to make an impact on local community and be a proud business owner.
  • Connector skill set aspiring to build relationships.
  • Project management experience helpful but not required.
  • Customer focused.
  • Ready to execute.

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Fence, Gate, and Rail: A Booming Industry

Top Rail Fence franchisees benefit from a booming industry. The global barrier entry market size is expected to grow to over $28.1 billion by 2031, according to Allied Market Research.

HomeFront Brands

HomeFront Brands offers community-based opportunities that inspire and support franchisees to make an immediate and lasting impact. The umbrella company’s home services portfolio includes Window Hero, The Designery, Temporary Wall Systems, Top Rail Fence, Mozzie Dome and BiltRite.  

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