Profile – Money Mailer Franchisee – Tom Wisdom

Veteran Translates Military Training Into Business Savvy

Living up to his name, Tom Wisdom made a wise decision about two-and-a-half decades ago when he purchased a Money Mailer franchise.

Now this army veteran and his wife Judy are getting ready to pass along the business to their son, who has been involved with it for the past 10 years.

Money Mailer is a hyper-local marketing services franchise that provides local business owners with marketing solutions so they can reach their best prospects with coupons delivered in the mail, on the Internet to mobile devices and on social media.

While Wisdom had a lot of sales and management experience as an executive at 3M, he credits his military experience with giving him the discipline to follow Money Mailer’s proven 35-year operating system to get out on the street and scale his business.

He even credits it with inspiring his sales technique. “I joke to people, but I sell by ambush, I really do,” Wisdom said during a recent interview from his home office in San Antonio, TX.

The “ambush” that Wisdom refers to is the way he goes into a business armed with so much knowledge about it that he may even know the business better than the people he’s talking with who work there.

Money Mailer provides extensive marketing databases on every business category so franchisees can work with business owners as marketing consultants understand their goals and objectives and develop customized marketing campaigns that bring more of the right customers in the door.

“I’m part of their marketing staff,” he said. “I’m the cheapest employee they’ve got. They don’t pay me a salary, they don’t pay me benefits, they don’t pay me workman’s comp, they don’t have to pay me termination fees and if I’m not doing a good job for them, they just quit talking to me.”

He goes in focused on what the client needs and how he can help them and is highly motivated to perform to make them successful and, Wisdom said, the army taught him that focus.

Service Career

Wisdom attended Texas A&M and joined the Corps of Cadets, leaving the school as a second lieutenant in 1960. He and his wife Judy got married after school and he stayed on active duty for eight years. Wisdom commanded a tank company in Germany, spent a year in Vietnam and held staff positions at a few different army bases.

Through all his service, Wisdom said, he learned a lot about following a plan, following an operations order, and about self-discipline. The only way it didn’t prepare him for the business world was not having any financial training. However, his time with 3M would provide him with that financial training which has served him well as he has built a thriving business in San Antonio.

Back to Texas

Once he had held a variety of positions in 3M, he and Judy decided they wanted to exit the corporate culture and get back to their beloved Texas. So, they decided to look for a franchising opportunity and Money Mailer kept popping up. So, in 1991, the couple bought a regional franchise with a territory that stretched from Waco to the Rio Grande Valley and included Austin and San Antonio.

As regional operators in a three-tier system their responsibilities included looking after all franchisees within this large geography. In 2004, Money Mailer changed their structure and became a traditional two-tier system, buying back regional licenses and resulting in a very profitable outcome for the Wisdoms.

They were now able to run a substantial operation in San Antonio from the comfort of their home with extremely low overheads. “It allows us to run lean and mean and still be highly effective” Wisdom explained.

For Wisdom and his wife, purchasing their Money Mailer franchise back in 1991 was probably the best decision they could have made. And, thanks in large part to the discipline from his military career, invaluable assistance from his wife Judy and the training, support and systems provided by Money Mailer they have built a highly lucrative marketing consulting business in San Antonio.

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