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Money Mailer Franchisees Help Local Businesses Succeed

Direct mail, Internet, SMS mobile text messaging, email marketing, smart phone apps and social media. Money Mailer has re-invented marketing for local businesses.

Coming off the best year in its 34-year history, Money Mailer is primed to open new markets and expanding its 200 unit franchise system nationwide. They are looking for savvy sales and marketing professionals who want to build their own marketing services business in an exclusive, protected territory.

A Money Mailer franchise is an in-house ad agency resource for local neighborhood businesses. Franchisees show local business owners how to target the right prospects with money saving offers delivered to these prospects homes with direct mail, on the Internet, to mobile devices and social media. This integrated media package is provided to the business for pennies per household.

Franchisees do the consulting, Money Mailer does the rest. Once a campaign is finalized it is sent to Money Mailer for ad design, production, mailing and digital placements. Franchisees provide a valuable service to their communities, helping local businesses grow their operations and increase market share.

Franchisees become local marketing experts starting with two weeks of intensive classroom curriculum at Money Mailer University (MMU). Here they learn how to use proprietary web-based targeting technology, access robust marketing databases for high-impact proposals and master a consultative sales process that differentiates them from everyone else just “selling advertising.”

After MMU a dedicated, field-based Franchise Performance Coach spends several weeks in the new franchisee’s territory to ensure a successful startup. Lead generation is provided along with an aggressive launch package designed for rapid cash flow. Franchisees are predominantly home-office based so no storefront or inventory required.

Money Mailer is laser-focused on local, neighborhood businesses, a strategic advantage called hyper-local marketing. This hyper-local focus originated in 1979 when the Company’s founder was approached by a Chamber of Commerce that wanted to create awareness for products and services offered by local merchants. The first Money Mailer shared mail envelope was created and filled with offers that produced instant success and the rest is history.

Today offers in the unique, over-size Money Mailer red-white-and-blue shared mail envelope are surrounded with an integrated menu of online, mobile and social media so local businesses can now reach consumers at home, on-the-go with or without a physical coupon for redemption. A world-class smart phone app makes all offers instantly accessible.

“Many candidates think Money Mailer is sold out. In fact we have over 150 open territories nationwide including great markets like Orange County, CA, Austin, San Antonio, Seattle, Chicago and Northern Virginia,” said Dennis Jenkins, VP Franchise Licensing, a 14-year Money Mailer veteran. “It’s the perfect time to consider this franchise. Consumers need to save money. Local businesses need our expertise more than ever.”

Money Mailer’s single territory franchise fee is $50,000.

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