Perspire Sauna Studio to Award 20-30 New Franchises in 2021

A visit to Perspire Sauna Studio feels like a relaxing retreat. All it takes is 150-degree infrared heat to soothe the mind and melt the stress of 2020 away. Guests can unwind with personalized entertainment, all while experiencing the health, healing, and immune-boosting benefits of the innovative infrared sauna technology.

Unlike traditional communal saunas, Perspire offers private full-spectrum Infrared Sauna suites. This holistic treatment combines the centuries-old sauna therapy practice (raising the body’s core temperature) with the modern science of color light therapy and infrared technology to transform the health and wellness of each individual that steps through the door.

This unique approach provides a gentle, soothing therapeutic heat that promotes relaxation, stress relief, detoxification, and improved sleep, along with the added benefit of boosting the immune system. Infrared waves penetrate the skin, muscles, joints, and tissues to increase circulation and help rid the body of harmful toxins.

“It seems like just yesterday we were opening our first Perspire location,” said Lee Braun, co-founder and CEO of Perspire Sauna Studio. “Little did we know it would take off like it has.”

Today, Perspire is the first and fastest-growing infrared sauna franchise in the United States. To date, there are two corporate locations and 16 franchise locations open. By February 2021, Perspire had exceeded all expectations, awarding franchises in several more areas, including Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska, North Carolina, Texas, and Wisconsin.

Heading into spring, Perspire has already gained interest from potential franchisees in Indiana, Minnesota, New York, Oregon, Virginia, Washington, and more, with a trajectory of at least 20 new franchises by the year-end, which is an impressive feat considering the challenges faced and overcome by the franchise in 2020.


The Perspire Franchise Journey

The journey from start-up to successful franchise began in 2010, when Suitesweat Sauna Studio was established in the well-known Southern California city, Costa Mesa. Five years later, co-founders Lee Braun and Ken Arsenian opted to rename the brand Perspire Sauna Studio. By 2018, with a 7-year track record of successful growth and development of their corporate studios behind them, the founders became the first to develop and offer infrared sauna studio franchises within the U.S. Fast-forward just two more years, and the brand is one of the nation’s fastest-growing infrared franchises.

Perspire’s franchise model is a recurring revenue plan that requires minimal labor and no special licensing, skills, or training from the franchisee. The initial investment ranges from $332,810 – $475,090, which includes the $40,000 initial franchise fee for a 10-year license term, along with inventory, equipment, build-out, and working capital.

“Despite recent events, we’ve been fortunate enough to stay on the same trajectory in terms of expansion and growth solely because of our naturally socially distant and personalized approach at each studio,” said Braun. “Along with following CDC and local guidelines, every studio has remained open throughout the pandemic. It’s been remarkable.”

Onsite staff is minimal, the booking process is entirely virtual, and each sauna is located within private, individual rooms – an ideal environment for entrepreneurs looking to enter the health and wellness market under current global circumstances.

The franchise’s success can also be attributed to the rich culture that Perspire delivers to franchisees. Perspire offers a comprehensive 12-week remote training program as well as a 4-day in-person training at their Newport Beach corporate office. Perspire also provides a monthly scorecard, financial analysis, and monthly support calls as a franchisee group to discuss issues, successes, and new ideas. Perspire also offers ongoing support to franchisees through weekly status calls to newly-opened studios in the first 12 months, and bi-weekly calls in subsequent years.

Although Perspire has garnered international interest, it plans to concentrate on expanding its domestic footprint first, focusing on helping existing franchisees grow their businesses and ensuring that each guest has the best infrared sauna experience at one of their many national studios, ultimately perfecting the Perspire franchise model and process before expanding globally.

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