Altitude Trampoline Park Focuses on Jumping Into a Healthy Lifestyle

Several studies show a correlation between physical and mental health. By taking care of our physical selves, we can help prevent some mental or emotional issues from developing. It’s important to get an early start to wellness for the mind and body. By engaging in regular physical activities, growing children may lay the essential groundwork for a healthy lifestyle.

Altitude Trampoline Park offers children and their families the opportunity to make being healthy fun. Their indoor parks offer a variety of trampolines, obstacle courses, and other activities that challenge and encourage a sense of adventure. As children are able to navigate through the various rooms and courses, they can gain self confidence and body awareness, knowing what potential and power their bodies possess.

Also, jumping around is just pure fun!

Altitude provides an extraordinary environment that is inclusive to all ages and skill levels. Through their parks, they encourage children and families to socialize and connect with each other.

From the youngest of children, Altitude Trampoline Park offers the Kids Court. Little ones can explore their jumping abilities in this specially-monitored area that allows kids to jump safely and have just as much fun as the big kids.

Older kids have a number of options at their reach, including the Main Court, performance trampolines, a zipline, rock climbing wall, dodgeball, trampoline basketball, and more. There’s even a Valo Jump, which allows kids to jump into an interactive trampoline video game platform.

In addition to these various trampoline and off-trampoline attractions, Altitude Trampoline Park offers camps, events, and private parties throughout the year. The adventure park has membership options and daily passes to enjoy the facilities. 

Navigating a Pandemic

For children, and especially with the COVID-19 pandemic, physical activities are especially important. Taking into account the emotional stressors from not seeing friends, adjusting to new not-so-normals, or other issues, moving around and having fun can help redirect some of that energy into a more positive path. Playing is critical for children and free play opens up a whole other world for them, where they can grow and explore in their own unique ways.

Whether it’s jumping on a trampoline or tumbling around doing flips or swinging from a trapeze, this freedom of movement and play is just what kids need to help keep their minds and bodies in check. Altitude Trampoline Park offers all of this and more.

With the pandemic, the organization, which has always held safety as a top priority, raised their in-park cleaning measures. All parks follow the Certified Clean program (C3) and audits to ensure that facilities are clean and safe for guests. This full-park cleanliness program features cleaning products that are consistent with CDC guidelines, the program is executed by trained and certified staff, there are extensive cleaning protocols before, during and after hours, and all of this is audited by EcoSure, Altitude’s health and safety evaluation partner.

By meeting the moment with new initiatives to protect guests and employees, in addition to building up their resources and people to offer an elevated experience, Altitude was able to successfully navigate the pandemic.

In fact, the company experienced growth during the pandemic. They welcomed seven new franchise locations in the past year.  

Franchising the Right Way

Altitude Trampoline Park prides themselves on offering quality facilities that are safe and fun. Parents can feel confident that their children can play and explore in an environment that keeps their safety and well-being in the highest regard.

Altitude Trampoline Park started in 2012 with just two guys and a laptop. Their focus was initially on offering birthday parties. In 2013, they opened their first park in Fort Worth, TX. The first park was met with tremendous success and drove the launch of more than 80 parks across three continents. Altitude currently has locations in 28 states, as well as Puerto Rico. Internationally, the company is in Argentina, Mexico, Norway, Panama, and Spain. The organization continues to sign on additional partners to expand their presence, offering access to more children and their families.

Altitude has grown to set the standards for trampoline family entertainment with their custom-built trampolines, high-quality mats, innovative park designs, IATP and ASTM certifications, the dedicated safety measures, and more.

The brand believes in Franchising the Right Way, which means offering franchise partners the support they need to succeed. The organization leans into communication from internal aspects with team members and

franchise partners to outward communications through social media and other marketing tools to attract and maintain guests. Altitude Trampoline Park offers bi-weekly webinars for franchisees that cover various business-related topics and updates. It’s about growing together and providing the tools and mechanisms necessary to make this happen. 

In 2020, Altitude Trampoline Park named seasoned executive Mike Rotundo as CEO. Rotundo possesses extensive franchise and brand building experience. The company also partnered with franchise business consultants and refreshed their marketing focus to further expand the brand’s presence.

Altitude Trampoline Park seeks visionaries as their franchise partners, people who see and want to explore growth potentials for themselves and the company.    

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