Pearle Vision Features Tennis Legend and Cultural Icon Billie Jean King in Latest Campaign

Pearle Vision is capturing the hearts and minds of Americans with an emotionally-driven advertising campaign.

“Olivia” casts an indelible light on the brand’s commitment to quality of care. The film tells the story of Olivia, a young girl exploring a myriad of interests ranging from sports to space. As her story unfolds it becomes clear to her mom and to the viewer that passionate Olivia isn’t seeing clearly.

In the film, we see Olivia and her mom in the exam room at Pearle Vision. As it becomes clear that Olivia needs glasses, the Pearle Vision optometrist knows just how to help. She presents Olivia with a photo that elicits an immediate reaction of joy because the optometrist did more than diagnose Olivia’s visual acuity issue during the exam, she took the time to learn about Olivia’s unique interests (tennis, archery and space travel), all of which the young girl celebrates at home in her room with an inspiration board titled “Women Who Made History.”

And that photo, we learn, is an iconic glasses-wearing heroine to add to her board — Billie Jean King, wearing a near identical pair of frames that Olivia now wears.

Thanks to the genuine, personalized care from the optometrists at her neighborhood Pearle Vision, she proudly heads home wearing her “perfect pair” that we come to learn creates an even deeper connection to what and who inspires Olivia.

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