New York’s H&H Bagels to franchise in 50 urban markets

H&H Bagels

Iconic brand promises prospective franchisees an ideal work-life balance

New York City-based H&H Bagels plans to award franchises in 50 major metropolitan markets in the United States. At present H&H ships around the nation and also does international wholesaling of its bagels. During the pandemic, H&H Bagels has notched a growth spurt of almost 500% in its domestic shipping business and is approaching a 400% increase in the company’s wholesaling. 

 “Since the 1970s, H&H Bagels has grown to be an iconic brand, enjoyed by people from around the world,” CEO Jay Rushin told Forbes. “Entering into the franchise business is a monumental moment for us, as we look to identify and work with like-minded entrepreneurs who want to bring a premium New York City bagel experience to cities across the country.”

H&H currently has four stores on Manhattan’s Upper East and West Sides, and at JFK and LaGuardia Airports. Its Moynihan Train Hall location in Manhattan is under construction. The iconic New York City brand, which bakes its bagels fresh each day, also serves bagel sandwiches featuring house-made spreads, made-to-order eggs and smoked salmon. 

The company says franchisees will appreciate the hands-on support and enticing work-life balance of H&H ownership, because the casual restaurants are open only for breakfast and lunch. H&H Bagels will help its franchisees with site selection, construction, marketing and the launch of each store. Every franchisee also will receive extensive training in producing the bagels from the top-notch ingredients the chain is known for. 

“We are dedicated to providing industry-leading support to our new franchisees during this exciting time for our brand,” Rushin told “With our proven success in expanding across New York, we are confident in our business model and believe it will be an attractive investment option for franchisees.”

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