New Remodelling Software for Dreammaker

New Remodelling Software Provides Boost for DreamMaker Franchise Owners

The DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen remodeling franchise has just unveiled new remodeling software to help its franchise operators serve clients from the moment they become potential clients, through the design process, all the way through installation and billing.

“This is a major advance for DreamMaker,” President Doug Dwyer said. “It will help streamline customer service, sales and operations in ways that will save our franchisees a lot of time, helping them grow their businesses.”

The software keeps track of potential clients, which makes marketing more efficient. It also helps sales teams create price estimates by tapping into a special pricing database, which allows even newcomers to the remodeling industry to forecast the scope of a project’s workload.

Moreover, it helps track ordering, simplifies scheduling, includes a unique lead carpenter compensation system and provides time-tested management reports. Demand for remodeling has surged since 2012. DreamMaker’s average franchise revenue increased more than 23 percent in 2013.

A prototype was developed by Lee Willwerth, a former software engineer, and Bob Ender, a former auto industry executive, who together own the DreamMaker franchise in Ann Arbor, Michigan. They further developed it as other franchisees made suggestions. “The result is like our system on steroids,” Willwerth said.

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