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Network Lead Exchange

As a Network Lead Exchange Franchisee, Sabrena Rodriguez Grows Her Main Business, Earns Additional Income, and Ditches the Expense and Need for Traditional Business Networking Groups

There’s no way around it, franchise business owners need to network to successfully build and grow their businesses. As a home-care franchisee, Sabrena Rodriguez (above, with her family) is well aware of that fact. She has spent money and time joining local business networking groups to grow her home-care franchise but has found the traditional business networking groups rigid and restrictive.

When Sabrena discovered Network Lead Exchange (NLX), it was a no-brainer for her to invest. Not only does she bring in revenue as a franchisee, but NLX eliminates the need and expense of an outside business networking group. “With Network Lead Exchange, I actually make money while I’m networking—something I needed to do anyway,” she says. For Rodriguez, an additional perk is that she can customize her local chapter towards what she needs for her main business. In her case, she focuses on health care.

A Custom Platform

Through her group, Rodriguez has connected with professionals who have brought her (and fellow chapter members) leads, including Medicare and Medicaid specialists, hospital administrators, social workers and chaplains. But her network also includes specialists that every business owner needs such as mortgage brokers, plumbers and electricians. For each member who becomes part of her group, Rodriguez earns monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual membership fees (approx. $699/year per member). She also receives 10 percent of any commissions that are exchanged through the platform. 

With Network Lead Exchange, I actually make money while I’m networking—something I needed to do anyway

Through her Network Lead Exchange franchise, Sabrena Rodriguez has grown her core business as a home-care franchisee. The flexible, add-on franchise has given her the freedom to spend time with her family as well as serve the community. It has also eliminated the need to invest time and money with a traditional business networking group.

Replaces Traditional Business Networking Groups

Since franchise owners need to network anyway, adding on a Network Lead Exchange franchise makes sense. The online network and referral group provides a custom platform for its members to send and receive referrals and commissions. Franchise owners gain an automatic networking platform to grow their core business, eliminating the need for—and expense of— memberships at traditional networking groups. 

Network Lead Exchange

Network Lead Exchange helps small businesses grow by creating strong relationships with local, vetted business owners. It blows its competition away with a more efficient, less expensive, and more user-friendly way of networking.

Rodriguez loves the flexibility that Network Lead Exchange gives her and her members. “Unlike other networking groups, no in-person meetings are required. This really has been a smart business decision for me,” she says.

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