Navy Veteran Finds Perfect Fit With Mr. Electric Franchise

Mr. Electric franchisee and U.S. Navy veteran Mark Farmer was pleasantly surprised to find a franchise model that perfectly matched his previous skill sets. Farmer joined the U.S. Navy out of high school, following in his father’s footsteps. He spent four years in active duty as an Aviation Electronics Technician, where he spent the majority of his time overseas in Spain.

His decision to leave the Navy was heavily based on the fact that he did not want to raise a family in the active duty lifestyle. Having electrical experience from his time in the Navy and the Navy Reserves, Farmer decided to work with his father as an electrical contractor following his lay-off in the 90s.

In 2008, Farmer started to explore franchise opportunities in the electrical industry, hoping to find a business model that could provide him with the back-end support and systems he needed to start a business. Contracting work had proven to be difficult and unsteady. His father-in-law had been a Radio Shack franchisee and the concept of franchising had always intrigued Farmer. He saw it as the perfect fit for a military veteran, allowing veterans to follow a set of proven systems and protocols that would guide them to success, much like they were expected to do while in the service. This ability to execute orders from a trusted higher authority was a skill that Farmer felt could be seamlessly translated into the franchising world.

His confidence in the franchise system combined with his background in electrical work led him to the Mr. Electric franchise opportunity. While other franchise systems seemed to fall short on the franchisee support side of the business, , Mr. Electric offered a full menu and clear-cut systems. Not only was Farmer impressed by the overall business model, but the franchise offered full accounting, public relations, and marketing support along with an excellent training program. The international aspect of the company also validated the quality of its work and success of its franchisees.

“It was important to me to belong to a franchise that shared a similar code of values,” said Farmer. “Mr. Electric places a huge emphasis on customer service, which a crucial component to being successful and trusted in this industry.”

Mr. Electric is a subsidiary of the Dwyer Group, who founded the Veterans Transition Franchise Initiative, or VetFran program. As a part of this heavily veteran-supportive company, Mr. Electric offers a Veteran Discount to promote franchise ownership to honorably discharged veterans.

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