Mowbot Lawn-Mowing Service Opens New Location

Husband and wife team Tim and Kim Church, of St. Petersburg, are partnering with Mowbot, a new, cutting-edge national franchise, and Husqvarna, the world’s leader in outdoor power products, to bring robotic lawnmowers to lawn-loving businesses and homeowners in Pinellas County.

The small bot operates with GPS technology, artificial intelligence, and battery power. The high-tech lawn service is disrupting the $99.5 billion lawn care industry with its clean, green, and quiet solution to lawn mowing. 

With backgrounds in business and franchising, Tim and Kim Church saw the unique opportunity Mowbot provides with its advanced robotic technology, and the impact it can have in a busy tourist area with 500 miles of coastline.

“This is a great opportunity to reduce the carbon footprint,” said Tim Church. “Mowbot really aligns with our core values of taking care of the environment and taking care of customers. Plus, it’s just so cool. I can’t wait to become ‘The Mowbot Guy’ in town!”

Mowbot’s benefits are especially attractive during a pandemic as there is no need to worry about social distancing and disease spread. Plus, the bot’s quiet motor is a welcome alternative from the noisy blowers and mowers disrupting the workflow happening in home offices throughout Pinellas County. 

Mowbot of Pinellas Mowbot of Pinellas serves St. Petersburg, Clearwater, The Beaches, Seminole, Largo, Gulfport, and surrounding areas.

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