Monkee’s Neighborhood Boutique Celebrates 25 Years in Franchising

Once a small, chic boutique store located in the heart of Wilmington, N.C., Monkee’s has now become one of the most sought-after franchise opportunities in the woman’s retail space.

Fittingly, the women-owned company with 30 locations across 11 states is celebrating its 25th anniversary in franchising with notable and promising growth news.

The high-end, luxury-lifestyle brand recently broke into the northeast region of the United States, with their newest location opening in Ocean City, MD last month, and the boutique franchise is on track to cut the ribbon on five additional U.S. locations by Fall 2021.

The Monkee’s executive team, led by Founder DeeDee Shaw and Co-CEO Brenda Maready, is actively pursuing new franchisees as they continue to expand the Monkee’s name in new markets.

“Both Shaw and Maready saw a unique opportunity in the early stages to bring high-end fashion into local communities throughout the United States, and they have empowered small-business owners to do just that for a quarter of a century,” said Andrea Rice, Monkee’s VP of Operations.

Because of its franchise business status, Monkee’s local owners have access to top luxury brands, distribution rights, retail buying and strong vendor partnerships. The company’s expert operations team also assist franchisees with their merchandise mix, making initial buys and visual merchandising – all to ensure owner success and create an in-store experience that parallels the high-quality of Monkee’s merchandise.

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