City Wide Facility Solutions Partnership Program Continues to Grow

City Wide Facility Solutions, the leading management company in the building maintenance industry, has announced its longtime franchise-owned location serving the greater Minneapolis and St. Paul area is transitioning to a partnership with its founder, Jeff Oddo, and three key team members – Mitch Brunette, Tyler Olson and Rob Ellis. 

As part of City Wide’s heightened growth strategy, Oddo is adding a small number of partnerships to his portfolio through a dedicated partnership program. The first of these transitions between Oddo and his partners, Mike Cann and Rob Ellis, occurred in 2020 with the City Wide location in Silicon Valley, California.

“Ever since opening our first franchise location in 2002, our model has proven time and time again to be an amazing opportunity. When it comes to the continued growth of the business, the opportunity to own another City Wide location checks many boxes for us,” said Jeff Oddo, CEO and owner of City Wide Facility Solutions. “My favorite part of launching this program is it gives me the opportunity to partner with long-term employees who I know and trust. This benefits them, is great for the system and proves the success of our model.”

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