Men in Kilts

Will Clear Your Snow and Hang Your Christmas Lights

The weather is changing and winter is on its way, but the good news is that several Men In Kilts locations will begin offering a snow removal service to help customers get through those blistery winter months; and yes, they will still wear their kilts while clearing snow.

Men In Kilts Founder Nicholas Brand says, “Snow Removal is a great service to provide and adding on this service keeps our locations busy throughout the winter and help our customers out.”

Another service being offered in many locations this year is Christmas light installation.

In the United States the Consumer Product Safety Commission said that an estimated “13,000 people were treated in emergency departments nationwide due to injuries involving holiday decorations.”

Men In Kilts CEO Tressa Wood says, “We love helping homeowners complete jobs that they don’t have time to do, and sometimes shouldn’t be doing themselves. Climbing and maneuvring ladders to hang Christmas lights can be a pain, but it can also be dangerous if you do not know what you are doing. Be safe this holiday season and let us help you out!”

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