European Wax Centre Announces Record Breaking Growth

Solidifies Position as Leader in the Waxing Services Category

European Wax Center (EWC) announced today projected growth of more than 45 percent for 2014. With 658 franchises nationwide, 121 of which were signed this year alone, EWC is the absolute brand leader in the beauty waxing services category.

European Wax Center is also one of the fastest growing beauty service brands in America today. Despite the economic downturn, EWC has seen record breaking growth over the past six years, expanding from six locations to over 658. This type of rapid growth, especially in a down market, is unprecedented.

The brand’s continual success can be attributed to exceptional customer care, premium quality services, and products with a belief that luxurious waxing should be attainable to anyone seeking beautiful skin.

With the waxing category continuing to experience growth in the beauty market, EWC is holding steady in its dominant position. The beauty service brand serviced over 6.9 million guests in 2013, including 1,657,938 brow waxes which are the most popular waxing service. These numbers clearly illustrate the continued positive trajectory of the EWC brand.

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