Meet Two Women Who Created a New Path With Naturals2Go

Naturals2Go-Dyanne Savage

The Healthy Vending Business Offers Flexibility and an Ideal Work-Life Balance

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Lyndsey Wolfsmith and Dyanne Savage came from very different backgrounds, but both women reinvented themselves through Naturals2Go, a healthy vending business opportunity. Early in their careers, neither of them imagined that they would be involved in a vending business. Today, they are both thriving and found an ideal work-life balance by doing so. 

As a business opportunity, Naturals2Go offers support and training just like a franchise, but without the royalty fees. The company’s culture is fun and inclusive, and led by a team that deeply believes in the business. In fact, many members of the corporate team are also Naturals2Go business owners, including Wolfsmith. Savage spent years as a business owner and in corporate America before finding her way to Naturals2Go.

Here, both women share their experiences and insights about the Naturals2Go healthy vending business opportunity.

Dyanne Savage, Business Owner at Naturals2Go

Dyanne Savage, Business Owner at Naturals2Go


“I ran a medical transcription business for 18 years and eventually entered the corporate world. I was laid off at the beginning of the pandemic and was encouraged by family and friends to start my own business again. I first purchased six Naturals2Go machines, and now have 12. Even with challenging times during Covid-19, I was able to locate and place my first nine machines within six months, networking and promoting to various businesses in person. I placed my first machine Oct. 15, 2020.” 


“I have always been a self-motivator, and waking up early comes easy to me — no alarms! I start my day at 5:30, load the bins I prepared the day before and head out the door. I typically complete my machine fills by 10:30, followed by daily trips to Costco. I return home, put away new product purchases and by then, it is lunchtime. My afternoons are filled with computer work and restocking of bins for the next morning. I prepare a large amount of product for my machines myself, including fruit cups, parfait cups, sandwiches, etc., — that prep is done during the afternoon as well.”


“I would advise women that every new adventure comes with risk. Take time to do your research and have faith in yourself, that you can accomplish anything that you set your mind to. As women, we have multiple roles in life, but have always been amazing at multitasking.”

Lyndsey Wolfsmith, Start-Up Consultant and Business Owner at Naturals2Go

Lyndsey Wolfsmith, Start-Up Consultant and Business Owner at Naturals2Go


“I started my professional career as a management consultant 20-plus years ago. The work was very exciting, but ultimately I didn’t enjoy the work/life balance — it felt like it was work now, life later. I realized that in order to achieve the balance that I wanted, I needed to be my own boss. I became a franchise consultant and ultimately found Naturals2Go. I joined the Naturals2Go team as a start-up consultant. 

I was attracted by the versatility of the model and the culture of the company. Within nine months of joining the company, I realized that Naturals2Go was a great business model for my family, so I decided to become an owner as well.”


“As I reflect on my own situation, I feel that I wear many hats in my life — business owner, employee, mom, wife, friend, coach, etc. — and the flexibility of this business empowers me to do that in a unique way, which is unlike a lot of businesses where you feel restricted.”


“Do it! Something that I have noticed is that Naturals2Go has many very successful female owners. I think it’s because women are good at paying attention to details. This business is so much more than simply filling machines. It’s also about building relationships with customers and taking the time to understand where the profits are coming from and maximizing them.”

Naturals2Go Healthy Vending

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