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Hallmark Homecare The Dentist's Choice

With Two Unique Home-Based Franchises, Steve and Nona Everheart Bring an Undeniable Business Proposition: a Company That Truly Cares

Steve and Nona Everhart have a simple formula for success: Put your heart and soul into every aspect of your business; bring the best people on as business partners/franchisees; help them succeed and let them do their jobs; pay attention to details. Their formula paid off and it shows in the numbers for their two home-based franchise offerings, Hallmark Homecare, a senior care referral franchise and The Dentist’s Choice, a dental handpiece repair franchise. “Item 19 earnings claims are impressive and the validations are through the sky,” says Steve.

For more than 22 years, the Everharts have been leaders in the senior care business with Hallmark Homecare, a Direct Referral Agency. And that’s not all… They have also been leaders in the dental business. More than 25 years ago, The Everharts established The Dentist’s Choice, a dental handpiece repair business serving over 10,000 dental practices throughout North America.

Combined, Hallmark Homecare and The Dentist’s Choice have more than 400 operating territory units. “Our operating team is exceptional, with adoring expressions of appreciation,” says Steve. For example, Angelica Sanchez who joined in 2013 says, “Steve and Nona have always emphasized taking care of people – the franchisees, the families. Be there. Care. The money will come.” David Morgan, who joined the team in 2000, says, “We recognized more than 20 years ago that dentists needed better solutions for repairs and maintenance of their sensitive, expensive dental tools. We provide extensive training to our franchisees and exceptional support, including fixing the dental tools when needed.” 

Steve and Nona Everhart (fourth and fifth from left) and their team are
dedicated to franchisee success. Their two unique brands, The Dentist’s Choice and Hallmark Homecare, are both innovative, home-based franchise opportunities.

“I pay attention to detail and look for the least-complicated solutions so our franchisees can succeed…that’s how we succeed.”

Steve Everheart
Steve Everheart built the Dentist’s Choice and Hallmark Homecare on a foundation of caring.

Hallmark Homecare

Hallmark Homecare is a senior care franchise with a breakthrough business model. The company is restoring affordability to seniors and revolutionizing the private-hire system for the benefit of families, caregivers and senior care business owners.

The Hallmark Homecare senior care franchise is unique in that it is home-based and serves as a direct-placement business where the caregivers are sourced and placed directly with the families. This saves money so families can afford to hire caregivers when the care demands of loved ones are high and require many hours per day. “I’ve been part of The Senior Choice/Hallmark Homecare for more than 15 years. Steve Everhart is always innovating and looking for ways to make us more successful,” says Mike McLain, franchisee.

The Dentist’s Choice

The Dentist’s Choice was the first to franchise a dental handpiece repair business. It is the world’s leading franchise network of locally owned dental handpiece repair businesses.

Dentist’s Choice is a home-based franchise that provides dental handpiece repair quickly and at half the price of the competitors. “Both businesses offer extensive training to the franchisees who can be up and running with cash flowing in weeks. And with little or no need for employees, there are very low expenses. This enables the dedicated franchisee to be cash-flow positive at a faster rate,” says Steve.

“I’ve been there from day one. There are no finer, more caring people than the Everharts. They are there every step of the way. I consider them close friends,” says Scott Marx, franchisee since 1999.

Steve Everhart vibrates with enthusiasm as he talks about his businesses. “I love these businesses. I love my franchisees, business partners and my employees. They are my extended family and many have become close friends.”

The Dentist’s Choice was the first to franchise the dental handpiece repair opportunity. The company has steadily grown into world’s leading franchise network of locally owned dental handpiece repair businesses with over 140 locations serving more than 10,000 dentists throughout North America. Here are the benefits of ownership:

  • Home-based business.
  • Minimal overhead.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • No employees are needed.
  • Affordable start-up costs.
  • Recession resistant. People always need dental care, regardless of how the economy is doing. In fact, in tougher times, dentists are more inclined to repair rather than replace equipment.
  • A large, exclusive territory.
  • In-house, hands-on technical and marketing training.
  • A dependable source of quality, brand name replacement parts at competitive prices.
  • B2B business.

Franchisee Success

The Everharts’ simple formula for success has stood the test of time. “Earlier in my career I was trained as a CPA. I pay attention to detail and look for the least complicated solutions so our franchisees can succeed…that’s how we succeed,” says Steve. “The Dentist’s Choice and Hallmark Homecare are home-based franchise businesses with very low overhead and fast ramp-up, extensive training and ongoing support. We offer a competitive edge through best practices. We have even arranged for 100% financing for our new franchisees who qualify… funding in as little as three weeks,” he says.

For franchise information, visit Hallmark Homecare and The Dentist’s Choice, or contact Bill at 949-550-3644 or

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