Loyaltygenerator’s Automated Marketing Allows Franchsies to Focus on Business With “Set It & Forget It” Mentality

Franchising is to business processes what LoyaltyGenerator wants to be to small business marketing.

During a recent interview, LoyaltyGenerator’s CEO Bryce Ebeling explained franchises have a complete system in place for making a business successful. If franchisees stay within that system and use it the way it was designed, they can increase their probability for success.

Applying that logic to LoyaltyGenerator, the CEO added, if franchisors and franchisees use LG’s marketing SaaS platform the way it’s designed, they can increase their probability of retaining customers, increasing their frequency of visits and increasing their average spend which also increases the probability of their success.

The best part? LoyaltyGenerator is completely automated.

Franchises can use the marketing platform to ensure brand integrity and consistency of customer communications across the entire brand. It can also help grow measurable and quantifiable revenues for franchisees. Essentially, LoyaltyGenerator allows franchisors to affect the customer experience outside of the individual franchisee businesses.

“Franchisors are great at saying, ‘Hey, this is what you’re supposed to do,’ but whether franchisees do it or not is a whole other story,” Ebeling said. “But most franchisors don’t have any way to affect that customer experience except for when they’re within the confines of the franchisee’s business and that only pertains if the franchisee does what the franchisor wants them to do and what they’ve been trained to do.”

How it works

LoyaltyGenerator starts by tying into the franchise’s point of sales system and gathers the data the franchisee has on its customers. LoyaltyGenerator can also tap into companies’ financial data and inventory control — basically any system that will allow LG to affect a better customer experience.

The platform is then programmed to automatically send specified messages at appropriate times and track those messages to make sure they are seen by the recipient. Sending the right message at the right time to the right customer with the right media is what LoyaltyGenerator strives to do.

Ebeling explained how LoyaltyGenerator could be used by a pizza franchise. If the franchise has a delivery guarantee of 45 minutes but an order doesn’t get delivered in time, franchisors usually wouldn’t have the recourse to do anything in this situation. In fact, they probably wouldn’t know about it. But with LoyaltyGenerator, an order can be tracked and the platform can be programmed to send a message to the customer if the order time goes beyond a 10% variance of the guarantee.

The message could be something along the lines of an email or text that says, “Sorry, we’re extremely busy tonight and we’re running a bit behind. Please accept this coupon for 20% off your next order as a token of appreciation for your patience.”

The message would be sent out automatically, without anyone having to prompt the system. If the time variance goes up to 25%, an alternative message could be sent out with a coupon for a free pizza and a trackable activity item for the general manager to call the customer to apologize and advise them to check their email inbox.

While LoyaltyGenerator will take care of the entire implementation for a franchisor and their franchisees, most franchise companies choose to write their own touch point messages and create their own graphics — Once all the various messages have been created and uploaded into the system, LoyaltyGenerator does everything.
Unlike any other solution on the market, LoyaltyGenerator cares more about the message being received by the intended recipient than simply being sent.

For example, an email will always be sent if one exists; however, if an email goes unopened, LoyaltyGenerator will automatically cascade a follow-on SMS or postcard to ensure the message is received by the intended target.
Ebeling shared another example regarding survey responses. If a customer fills out a survey, an automatic thank you would be sent; as it should be. However, most small companies don’t make a habit of responding to positive feedback. Their system can be programmed to delay an automated thank you message for a few days while also queuing a call for the general manager or franchisee after the email would have been sent. Like many other systems, negative survey responses can also be escalated as necessary and required. Franchisors can use these insights to easily identify locations positively or negatively impacting the brand while franchisees can use these insights to identify underperforming or over achieving staff members.

LoyaltyGenerator can even add a human element to the mix because it has its own call centers that can dial a customer on management’s behalf and give them a message from a specified person with a custom script for that specific touch point.. For example, the agent could call a customer with the following message, “I’m calling on behalf of our general manager because you filled out a survey for us five days ago.

We appreciate your feedback. Please check your email as our manager has sent you a token of our appreciation.” Best of all, the caller id is always the phone number of the local store.

As Ebeling pointed out, the whole system is geared toward “Just Set It and Forget- It” automation. While LoyaltyGenerator easily and automatically manages the customer experience and messaging, the franchisors and franchisees do what they do best; run their businesses. “We take care of everything,” Ebeling said. Franchisees receive regular reports to track the return on investment they’re getting from LoyaltyGenerator.

Focus on Franchises

Ebeling said he decided to focus on franchises with LoyaltyGenerator because he has 20 years of experience working within the franchise industry with Sir Speedy and Money Mailer. Plus, he was also a Money Mailer franchisee, which is what inspired him to create LoyaltyGenerator, in operation since 2010.

With an automated system like LoyaltyGenerator in place, both franchisors and franchisees can set it up and concentrate on running their business, knowing that the system is keeping in touch with their customers and helping to generate that coveted loyalty.

For More information visit: www.loygen.com

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