Franchise Consultant Guides Entrepreneurs Through the Franchising Maze

With over 2,800 franchising opportunities in the United States, choosing the right one goes far beyond daunting and strays into nearly impossible territory.

That’s where Certified Franchise Consultant Christine DeMuth, comes into play. Affiliated with FranServe, DeMuth runs a full service consulting and development firm, Best Franchises, LLC for entrepreneurs looking to open their own franchise.

DeMuth has been a franchising consultant for the past 15 months and, through her affiliation with FranServ, she has access to a wealth of experience and contacts within the franchise industry.
Although her office is in the northern Milwaukee suburb of Cedarburg, DeMuth helps entrepreneurs in all of the states except Washington, walking them through her proven consultation process.
“I really love helping people. And my approach is very simple and straightforward,” DeMuth said during a recent interview from her Cedarburg office.

First, she conducts an interview with her client to gain insight into the client’s previous experience, their goals, their strengths, their weaknesses, their investment range and their target market.
Then, she usually identifies three to four ideal franchises for the client and explains why she’s proposing those particular franchises.
For the most part, her clients will select one or two of the recommended franchises and then she’ll help them perform the necessary research into those franchises. When her clients are ready to take a serious look at a franchise, she’ll facilitate the introduction with them to the franchisor. She’ll also sit on the sidelines and coach them through the process of becoming a franchisee.

On the flip side of working with clients, is getting to know the franchise companies and their representatives and the type of people they are looking for.
“You have to remember that franchises are not sold, they’re awarded,” DeMuth explained. “So, it’s really important for me to match the right skill set, experience and finance to the right franchisor and vice versa.”

In the rare case where DeMuth finds herself in a situation that she’s not comfortable with, that’s where her affiliation with FranServe comes in handy, as she can call on the team of experts at
FranServe to help her help her clients.
Also helping her clients is the fact that DeMuth’s services are completely free to them. That’s also possible through her aforementioned affiliation. She gets paid by the 500 franchises that she’s affiliated with through FranServe, meaning clients don’t have to worry about consultation fees when they’re trying to make a major change in their life.

One of the most common scenarios that DeMuth sees when she’s consulting is people who come in and automatically want to open one of the big-name restaurant franchises that they’re familiar
with, even though they don’t have any restaurant experience and it may not fit with their goals. Many entrepreneurs don’t even realize how many different industries they have to choose from when looking at opening a franchise, the consultant said. It’s up to her to make sure they do realize they have a vast choice and to find a franchise that fits their skill sets and

After 25 years in corporate America, DeMuth herself was looking to open a franchise and sought the help of a consultant. After going through the process, she realized that it was the consulting itself that fit her own skill set.
Her background in the insurance industry working with people throughout the country gives her a distinct advantage for consulting she does now. With DeMuth’s help, her clients can easily find their way through the maze of those 2,800 mind-boggling franchising choices and easily reach their goals.

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