Human Connection: The Underlying Key to Franchise Growth

When competing for employment in today’s technology- and automation-driven era, human workers are up against artificial intelligence and robotic technologies for certain jobs. While a variety of industries are creating work environments where humans and robots can co-exist, service-based franchises are filling their offices with only those qualified for the job—real people.

That’s because the work provided by service-based franchises requires technical skills, expertise, and above all, the ability to empathize and build relationships with customers—a competency robots are incapable of mastering. While recruiting candidates who perfectly fit this mold is easier said than done, BELFOR Franchise Group (BFG) has found that businesses with a well-established reputation, quality training programs, industry-leading resources, and organized employee volunteer programs find the most success attracting top talent.

No matter the industry, brand reputation determines a company’s growth and success. Building a team of experts who positively represent brand identity will enable a company to become well-established, fast-growing and a leading name in their industry. For more than a decade, the BFG family of brands – which specialize in commercial and residential property restoration services – have remained dedicated to fulfilling our company’s founding principles: commitment to helping others, passion for building relationships and dedication to providing unmatched services. Weeding out candidates who do not align with company culture can be simplified by incorporating value-based questions into the interview process. However, in terms of retaining employees, reputation alone does not seal the deal.

Because a company’s most important asset is its people, it is vital for industry leaders to create a culture that encourages employees to utilize career-strengthening resources. Implementing comprehensive and ongoing training programs for employees, at all levels, ensures that the work is consistent and up to date. Our franchising network has found success stationing state-of-the-art training facilities across the country, where franchisees just starting out, or those more established can conveniently access workshops designed to enhance basic and advanced specialized franchising skills. Offering employees the tools needed to grow within the business boosts company culture and ultimately instills a sense of value, which in turn reduces employee turnover.

When it’s time to put extensive training to work, it’s crucial for franchise owners to provide employees with the resources needed to outperform competitors. In any industry, investing in high-quality equipment enables workers to create, deliver and execute services efficiently. Being that all five of our service-based franchises are connected to our parent company BELFOR Property Restoration (BELFOR)—the world’s largest property restoration company—we have access to their world-class resources and equipment. This relationship gives our franchisees the opportunity to work on restoration projects big and small—keeping businesses busy and customers satisfied. Though purchasing equipment can come with a price tag, investing in these tools can maximize value and allow franchisees to succeed. However, like anything, before making a big purchase, it is important for franchisees to do their research by exploring a variety  of brand name products and purchasing those that are reputable as well as have the capacity to efficiently deliver the quality services that clients are guaranteed.  

Over the years, corporations and franchises alike have recognized the value of implementing volunteer opportunities into their company culture. In addition to increasing employee engagement and morale, offering opportunities to help those in need reassures employees that their work benefits both the company and community. When it comes to incorporating these programs, service-based franchises are at unique advantage because they can offer opportunities to participate in both national and local charitable initiatives. To ensure success, it is important to inform new franchisees about these opportunities and how to become involved during initial onboarding. For example, our team provides details on our parent company’s nonprofit organization and charities local to individual franchises to new hires. Ronald McDonald House Charities, Habitat for Humanity and Kots for Kids are just a few of the many wonderful organizations that we support in communities across the country.

As companies continue to transform the nature of work and conform to the progressing technology-driven era, service-based franchises are at a unique advantage by prioritizing human value. Recruiting and retaining those capable of forming relationships, building trust amongst customers and positively impacting the communities that they serve is key to franchise success, making it vital for leaders to invest in those they hire.

Ken Osness is Vice President of Franchise Development for BELFOR Franchise Group, where he develops and identifies franchise growth opportunities among 1-800 WATER DAMAGE, DUCTZ, HOODZ, PACKOUTZ and PLUMBERZ. For more information on BELFOR Franchise Group, visit

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