How New Franchises Can Use PR to Perform Better

We are living in an age where anyone, from any walk of life or financial bracket, can open a business. When opening a new business, however, you are presented with a problem, which is performance. From the very beginning, you’re unlikely to have droves of customers flocking at your shop front, and instead, you will have to carefully market your brand, franchise, or business in order to help it become successful. In this article, we will hope to tell you how you can use PR [public relations] to help your franchise grow.

Let’s get into it, shall we?

What is Public Relations?

Public relations is a very important aspect of any business, as will be demonstrated throughout this article. Public relations is the communicative process between a business and the public or its consumers. Many people overlook the importance of public relations when they are opening a business.

Public Relations

If you have opened a business or franchise and you notice that your business is not growing as quickly as you might have liked it to, you may be missing one crucial element: public relations. New franchises and businesses can be very difficult to market, advertise, and grow. More so when you do not incorporate public relations into your business. According to Forbes magazine, the reason that many franchises do not grow fast is that they have poor developmental strategies. Developmental strategies, which incorporate public relations, are a very important part of opening a franchise or business.

Investing in Public Relations

Public relations is a great investment to make. Public relations allows you to target your key demographic and have them take interest in your business. In order to bring prospective customers to your business, you must communicate with them; public relations is the way in which you can do this. The problem is that, as a new business, you are likely to be short of cash. Not only will you need to invest in public relations, but you will have to invest in other areas of business, such as your website and digital marketing.

Brand Story

Public relations is a great way to tell the public your ‘brand story’. Public relations can allow your story to get to the people who you want to hear about it, whether it be through social media, the news, podcasts, blogs, or digital advertising. Public relations can help to develop your brand story and will publicize it for you. Increased awareness about your brand’s story will help your business to get awareness, and in turn, customers. Your brand’s story is a very important aspect of the marketing process, and it is one you must not overlook, though it often is overlooked. A successful public relations manager will be able to work closely with you to help you publicize your brand’s story in the way that you want it to be publicized.

Meaningful PR

Your relationship with the public should be meaningful, which is something only an experienced public relations manager can do. You need results, which is something, according to the PR experts from Alfred London, only an experienced PR manager can facilitate. You should receive results from your PR – good PR can see your business’s popularity skyrocket overnight; poor PR can see your business fade away into obscurity until you are forced to close it.

PR Strategies

Now, by this point in the article, it’s fair to say you understand the importance of public relations, as well as a few of the ways in which it is performed. Let’s move onto a few ways you can use public relations:

    • Success stories. Public relations can help you bring attention to success stories associated with your business to the public so that you can develop more interest in your business. Local media outlets are usually very enthusiastic about supporting local businesses in their publications, which is something a public relations managed will consider;
    • Growth. Growth is a very important thing to consider for a developing franchise; by concentrating your attention on a specific area, you can maximize exposure to the public in that area specifically, meaning your business can grow.

Public relation is a fundamental part of any business. In our modern age, many businesses believe that they can do everything themselves and do not need to enlist the help of public relations managers. We hope you reconsider, for it is far easier to have an experienced PR manager on your team than to do it yourself.

With the help of this page, you should now know how new franchises and businesses can use public relations to perform better. Public relations is very important, as shown, so do not overlook it. Public relations can help your business to become very successful in a very short amount of time.

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