How to Ensure That Your Drivers Are Following the Road Safety Standards

Globally, investors and governments are pumping millions of dollars into infrastructural projects. All this is in a bid to ensure roads are secure and easy to use. Safety driving is now a vital issue that many people are concerned about nowadays. Just having policies is not enough to encourage safe driving among motorists. The key is in implementing them the appropriate way. As an employer, it’s vital to educate your drivers about their driving habits during operation hours. Statistics show that road crashes cost employers billions of money in the US alone. The cost varies from property damage, medical care, lost productivity, and insurance claims. Ideally, employers can help curb these costs by promoting safe driving habits on and off the clock. We highly recommend starting with the steps discussed below.

1.Install Dash Cams

Dashboard cameras, also known as dashcams, have been in the market for some time. However, it’s only recently that people discovered the importance of these small gadgets. This is a type of camera that neatly fits on your car dashboard or over the rearview mirror. As an employer, installing camera solutions for your fleet can have significant advantages and monitor drivers. The main reason you need to use dashcams is to act as first-hand evidence of a car accident. The camera starts recording as soon as a driver starts the engine’s car. It provides efficient, real-time, and straightforward proof when an accident happens. If a car accident occurs, and one of your drivers was involved, you can use the dash cam to prove who was at fault. Additionally, the video can be presented as evidence in any court trial.

2.Safety Belt Measures

Nowadays, you are half as likely to die in a car accident compared to 40 years ago. There have been advanced improved features like airbags and enhanced electronics to keep a driver safe in the car. One of the best-ever developed protection gear is the safety belt. They have been shown to reduce death risk in a car crash by up to 65 percent. As an employer, you should ensure that your drivers understand the importance of having their safety belts. You can conduct training workshops where you can invite experts to talk about acceptable road safety practices. Globally, many countries have made safety belts a requirement by the law. They have introduced policies where you pay a fine if you’re caught without a safety belt.

3.Use Creative Messages for Drivers

We recommend sending out creative and enticing messages to drivers to promote safety. For example, rule violations on roads must be acknowledged and accordingly. As an employer, you can craft short and transparent messages which can be conveyed to the drivers to promote safe and efficient driving. Research has now shown that many clients are using short games to educate their drivers about safe driving. Ideally, these games provide rewards, and this helps in engaging the driver to a certain level. They help make a significant impact on drivers’ minds, and they will use it while driving, by virtue.

4.Safer Fleets

Research shows that safety is among fleet managers’ top-most considerations in selecting new cars in places like North America. Ideally, fleet buyers will rank a particular vehicle’s safety record with factors like initial cost, suitability for the job, and the resale or depreciation value. As an employer, you need to choose safer vehicles within the appropriate constraints to ensure that your drivers are safe. Having top-quality cars will help in lowering the chances of any accidents happening.

5.Implement Policies

One of the things that keep a driver in safe hands is using a personalized online dashboard. It helps to give a review of the driving patterns of a driver. Additionally, the drivers can also receive notifications with suggestions on improving their style of driving. Using this approach, they will quickly learn about the policies on road safety. Finally, remember to convey the driver’s guidelines in simple language on why they should follow them.

6.Use Modern Technology

Whether it’s setting up an AI system or any other technology type, we recommend using modern technology in your fleet. Technology is one of the latest trends in the manufacturing of automobiles. We even have self-driving cars made with sophisticated algorithms to interpret road user behavior while on the move. Using technology eases the driver with multiple functions of driving and ensures accuracy.

We also recommend holding road-safety workshops to educate your drivers on the importance of safe driving. This also instills a working culture where they feel that you care and think about their safety. In the long haul, this creates an ideal working relationship between an employer and the employees. Finally, remember crashes are preventable. If you do your part, all will be well.

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