How Does an Emerging Franchisor Achieve Sustainable Growth?

Franchise Thought Leaders — Emerging Franchise Brands

Experts Weigh In on the Essential Strategies for Long-Term Success in Franchising

Most franchise experts would agree that there’s something very exciting about a newly launched franchise brand. These emerging concepts are compelling because they are full of possibilities. Through franchising, a business has much greater potential to make a significant impact than it would on its own. Yet, achieving steady growth is a major challenge for new franchisors. In addition to maintaining a great business and concept, emerging franchise brands have the added responsibility of choosing the right franchise partners and offering strong support. Brands that set their franchisees up for success from the beginning are on a path to sustainable success.

Franchising has become a very popular way of scaling a business. More and more business owners are learning about the franchise business model and want in. Franchising enables business owners to scale quickly using franchisees’ capital and local insights, minimizing financial and operational risks. It seems like every day, a new brand comes onto the scene. Franchising is booming. The International Franchise Association reports in its 2024 Economic Outlook that the number of franchise establishments in the U.S. will increase by more than 15,000 units, or 1.9%, to 821,000 units.

There are thousands of franchise brands in business from just about every industry — and they are not limited to fast food. Franchising encompasses every business sector imaginable, from senior care concepts and wellness, to home services and more. The list goes on and on. But they are not all created equally. What sets top franchisors apart is their ability to achieve sustainable growth.

Here, franchise thought leaders offer valuable insights into how emerging brands can navigate the complexities of rapid expansion while establishing a foundation for long-term success. Their experiences and perspectives provide practical advice for new franchisors aiming to expand quickly and sustainably, helping them stand out in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

Top row, from left to right: Paizley Bishop, Michele Goitiandia, Rebekah Horowitz, Emiliano Jöcker
Bottom Row, from left to right: Kristen Kessel, Rachel Stender, John Taylor, Josh York

Paizley Bishop, The NOW Massage

“Sustainable growth comes from a strong and experienced leadership team providing world-class support that sets franchisees up for success.” —Paizley Bishop

Michele Goitiandia, SUPPLY POINTe

“As an emerging brand, it was paramount for us to first build a solid infrastructure before growing our brand. This has enabled us to move forward to achieve sustainable growth confidently. Our business model, technology, training and support are second to none and not only allow us to grow our franchise but also allow our franchisees to grow their businesses!”Michele Goitiandia

Rebekah Horowitz, REP’M Group

“A new franchise brand needs to ensure it has more than just great marketing or a good-looking Item 19; it needs a true SYSTEM to pass along to its franchisees. If you can arm every franchisee and their team with the tools, resources, and roadmap to understand and replicate the model; if you can equip them to consistently deliver the customer experience at a high level; and if you can build a framework that enables good operators to consistently build profitable businesses, then you have what it takes to achieve sustainable growth. Without those elements, all you really have is a logo.” Rebekah Horowitz

Emiliano Jöcker, iFranchise Group

“For emerging brands, it is very important to know where they belong in the marketplace by being authentic and genuine to their brand or concept, without copying what works for competitors. They should show their brand strength and stick to it.” —Emiliano Jöcker

Kristen Kessel, That 1 Painter

“Network, network, network! People want to do business with their friends, so go make friends, and you’ll be amazed at the business that will flow in your direction.” —Kristen Kessel

Rachel Stender, REP’M Group

Sustainable growth balances several elements: approving franchisees who are the right fit for the system, ensuring the brand has a growth plan in place to support franchisees from onboarding through opening, and providing ongoing support while continuing to build and innovate the brand in the market.Rachel Stender

John Taylor, REP’M Group

“An emerging brand needs to support and enable successful franchisees! After that, it is important to bring on quality new franchisees who will push the brand to new heights.”John Taylor

Josh York, GYMGUYZ

“You never, ever, ever QUIT!!” —Josh York

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