How Do You Thank Employees on Labor Day?

Thank Employees on Labor Day 2022

5 Ways Franchise Business Owners Can Show Appreciation on Labor Day 2022

On the first Monday of September, we celebrate those who made the land of opportunity a reality through a tremendous amount of hard work. Labor Day is our official holiday for recognizing the sacrifices and accomplishments of American workers.

As a franchise owner, Labor Day is your chance to recognize and acknowledge your employees for their role in helping you develop your business and serve your customers. Here are a few ideas to make the most of this national holiday.

Make it Personal

When I was an operator of retail stores, I had a one-page ‘get to know you’ employee survey, where I would ask specific, personal questions. It gave me information about where my employees lived, their favorite stores and restaurants, and how they spent their free time. It was also a source of information about employees’ hobbies, interests, and anything about their life outside of work. I would conduct this survey when they were onboarded.

Later, I would use the information to personalize a gift for a well-done job or accomplishment. This tactic can be used on Labor Day, too. For example, you could give something as simple as a $10 gift card to a favorite coffee shop or a $100 gift card to a favorite dinner spot or retail store. Or, say one of your employees is into fishing, you can personalize his gift with a fishing-related mug or t-shirt. Try to give something personal and interesting rather than a random gift with no meaning.

Put it in Words

Labor Day is a great time to write a handwritten card of appreciation. In your note, write praise for something specific, such as how they impress customers or impact the business. Writing something positive and personal will go a long way. It doesn’t have to cost much but will make a big impression.

Give The Gift of Time

Hopefully, your business is closed on Labor Day 2022. If not, offer some well-deserved time off on a future date. Try sending an email, a voicemail, or even a text with a simple message. Say, “thank you, enjoy your day off, and thanks for all your effort. I appreciate having you on my team. …” Put it in your own words, and remember even simple messages — as long as they’re sincere — will be appreciated.

Gift Company Swag

If you have resources and available inventory (plan ahead for next year or another holiday), why not give employees some of your branded logo swag items? Try giving a gift to use on Labor Day. If your employees have kids and enjoy the outdoors, you could give a picnic basket or a cooler, which would be appreciated and useful on Labor Day or any nice weather day. Everybody likes surprises! Everybody likes getting unexpected gifts delivered to their doors. And if the gift has your brand colors and logo, that is an added bonus!

Express Your Gratitiude on Social Media

Social media is a great platform for giving employees recognition. Include a photo and mention your employee’s contributions, his interests and hobbies, and some fun facts about him. Showing the world that you care about your team goes a very long way!

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