How To Act If A Stray Dog Bites You?

Dogs are amazing friends of the family but how you act when a stray dog bites you is important to act quickly. No one wishes to have a dog bite accident, but they happen when a canine goes off its leash. And when this happens, your immediate treatment can help to prevent a problematic situation. So, what do you do?

Give your health the first attention

The first thing to do is to check the first aid measures that can help relieve the pains. Here is a couple of them:

  • Wash the surface. You can prevent an infection from developing when you use warm water and mild soap to rinse the bite spot gently as you can.
  • Press lightly around the bite spot. You can spare yourself the risk of bacteria by gently applying some pressure around the affected spot to increase blood flow. This action will gush out the bacteria along with the blood if enough pressure is applied. Remember, this is only a temporary flow of blood to get out the harmful bacteria, and the blood flow needs to be checked as soon as possible.
  • Place a clean cloth or bandage over the bite spot. When the bacteria is dealt with, (hopefully) the next step is to stop the excess flow of blood. And that is achieved by a simple placing of clean cloth on the spot to stop the bleeding.
  • Make use of antibiotic ointment. Once you have successfully stopped blood flow, apply some amount of antibiotic ointment on the wound. This will help to prevent any form of infection and hasten the healing process of your injury.
  • Replace the bandage or the cloth regularly. If you had your wound covered, it must be kept dry at all times, and having the dressing changed from time to time is the best way to achieve that. And this also will prevent your wound from getting infected.
  • Seek medical aid. It is normal to expect your first aid treatment to keep your wound safe until it heals completely, but sometimes it fails. So, it is good to make a hospital appointment and have it checked. It is also good to see a doctor immediately if you find signs like pus, pains, fever, irritation, and any accompanying unfamiliar feelings.
  • Get the vaccines. It was a stray dog, and no one knows if it was rabies-vaccinated, so a safe thing to do is to get yourself vaccinated, and you must remember to complete the vaccine dosage too.

You may want to have some legal attention, right?

Here is what to do.

Notify the animal control.

Put a phone call to the animal protection agency near you, because you could save another person from a dog bite accident. Additionally, you may be dealing with a dog who has strayed away from its owner, and having a dog on the loose is dangerous.

Provide useful information about the incident to your personal injury lawyer.

When making your report, make sure to give detailed information about where the incident took place to your lawyers. The professionals at  recommend you keep pieces of evidence intact. If you are lucky to have the stray dog traced to its owner, then handy pieces of evidence will hand you some insurance advantage. Evidence like torn clothes with blood stains and possible pictures of the bite spot(s) will be useful.

Look at the collar for the owner.

One way of tracking the dog owner is checking its collar for a name or some other tag that can be traced to an owner. Your dog bite lawyers will also need this information for a possible lawsuit.

Can stray bites be prevented?

Yes, with the following tips:

  • Never run from a stray dog. If you are lucky to see it before the bite, you can prevent the bite. How? By standing stiff and allowing the dog to sniff you the way they love to do. Running gives the dog the impression that you are up to no good, so remain still and let them smell you.
  • Don’t look it in the eye. The dog isn’t yours, so you can look away instead of looking it in the eye.
  • Don’t go near a strange dog. You must never approach an unknown dog; simply report a stray dog to the animal control.
  • Don’t make loud sounds or bark at it. Dogs dislike the barking sound they make when they hear it coming from an unfamiliar human, so resist the urge to bark or make any sound.
  • Don’t go near a nursing dog. Never go near a mother dog to play with its puppies when she is nursing them; they are usually aggressive.

Dog bites are not the best experiences when you are out on a stroll, but they can easily be averted when applying the above tips. You can also prevent a bite from getting grave when immediate medical aid is given to the person. Additionally, have the number of the animal control agency handy, so you can call them when you find a canine who has wandered far from home.

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