Having a Disability Does Not Make Your Work Less Valuable

Disability comes in different forms that can include a medical condition or a physical challenge. Persons with disabilities experience various challenges in workplaces, and some even fail to secure employment. There is a common belief that an individual with a disability is less capable of performing certain activities. Apart from the shortcoming caused by your status, it does not necessarily mean you are incapable of doing different forms of work. However, the meaning of disability continues to evolve, and many companies are increasingly recognizing the rights of disabled people. Read on to learn that disability does not make your work less valuable.      

Coping With Discrimination

Many disabled people often face challenges that include stigma and discrimination in different situations. The most important thing that you should know is that if you face discrimination in the workplace, you have rights just like any other person. Some organizations will help if you feel that you have been ill-treated as a result of your physical condition. It is vital to accept your condition so that you can also cope with it in the workplace.  

There are laws in different countries that have been designed to protect the needs and interests of people with physical challenges. If you accept your situation, you can easily cope with it and understand the daily challenges you will likely face. However, when it comes to workplace treatment and performance, you must understand that you are legally protected. You also have the right to be heard in the organization. Additionally, you can file a complaint against the wrongdoers if you have been ill-treated.  

Seek Legal Advice

According to studies, about eight million Americans have disabilities that prevent them from working. Sadly, close to 400,000 people become disabled every year, but only one-third of the employees have disability insurance. If you are disabled at work, you are entitled to get Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), which is the standard practice in Tennessee and most areas in the United States. However, getting SSDI benefits can be challenging since many people are denied.

If you are a victim of workplace disability, you are eligible to get the benefits you deserve. If you hire a professional attorney to represent you in your case, it can become possible. It is essential to enlist the services of a Jonesborough social security disability lawyer if your employer denies you the benefits that you deserve. When you are disabled, it does not necessarily mean that you are less valuable in your work. Your employer should not discriminate against you due to your condition. In various jurisdictions, different laws are specifically meant to protect the rights of people with disabilities. Companies that ignore discrimination laws face stiff penalties, and all employees are protected against victimization. 

Promote Diversity in the Workplace

Many employees with disabilities feel that their ideas are often ignored by their employers because of their condition. Other disabled individuals also feel that they may not achieve a position of power or authority in the organization due to stigmatization by their superiors. Leaders in different companies need to create cultures that promote diversity. Many people with disabilities feel that they can do more for their companies but often face bias and stigma. 

Another aspect is that the hiring managers often believe people with disabilities do not want challenging tasks in their careers. However, this is not true since the affected individuals are mere victims of negative perceptions. Such biases influence the decisions that affect the employees in the workplace. The belief that people with disabilities are incapable of performing different tasks is false. 

Significance of Training

Employers must provide equal employment opportunities to all workers regardless of their physical challenges. As shown by different studies, disability does not mean inability. Therefore, disabled people need support, but the leaders might not have the patience to do it. Disabled people may not match the same speed of performing specific tasks as their able-bodied counterparts. The goal of training is to help disabled workers realize their potential and to include them in various opportunities that exist in the organization.

People with disabilities often experience challenges in different workplaces as a result of their condition. However, having a disability does not make you or your work less valuable. If you suffer a permanent disability at work, you are entitled to get Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). The challenge often faced by disabled people emanates from the negative perceptions and stigma held by the leaders in organizations. Legally, all people with physical challenges deserve fair and equal treatment in their respective workplaces, they are usually the hardest working employees.

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