Hard Workers – Not Wanted!

How often have you seen a headline that says hard workers are not wanted? As the franchisor of the IFG 50 – 50 Franchise from The Interface Financial Group we are actively looking for new franchisees, however we are not looking for ‘hard workers‘.

In our experience hard workers often fall into the ‘workaholic’ category – they are often re-inventors of the wheel and they invariably become obsessed with detail, often just for the sake of detail.

While these may be admirable traits in some situations, they would not represent a good fit for an Interface franchisee.

What’s wrong with hard workers and why don’t they fit for Interface? Let’s be clear, there is absolutely nothing wrong with hard work. it’s just that we don’t see the necessity for hard work when you can substitute that with smart work.

Workaholics – We have spent many years building a business and integrating as much technology as possible to ensure that our franchisees are ‘work smart’ individuals and not ‘work hard’ individuals. On a regular basis we meet potential franchisees who have a history of working 40, 50 or even 60 hours a week – and not for themselves but for somebody else.

Even working those hours for yourself is definitely outside of the Interface box. Our working smart approach is for franchisees to be engaged during what we refer to as core business hours – typically between say 10 AM and 3 PM. For individuals that cannot scale down to core business hours, then this is probably not the right franchise for them.

Wheel InventorsAs a franchisor we are certainly not looking for individuals that want to reinvent the wheel, and certainly not individuals that want to reinvent the franchise. The Interface Financial Group has been in operation for over 45 years and, as such, we think we have a well-honed, developed and proven system. That is not to say, however, that we do not continue to add improvements and technology as appropriate.

Individuals that want to reinvent the system once they have come on board invariably are not happy as a franchisee. This applies to basically any franchise – the franchisor has done the heavy lifting and crafted the franchise, and it is now established and ready for the franchisee to utilize that developed work to build out their own franchise unit.

 Detail – Detail – Detail – The Interface Financial Group is engaged in a financial service known as invoice discounting. This is a simple and straightforward service whereby our franchisees, in conjunction with ourselves, purchase current quality invoices from our client companies who do not want to wait 30 – 90 days to get paid for goods or services that they have already delivered. We are in the business of cash flow acceleration.

Needless to say, this financial service requires much attention to detail in order that each and every transaction is documented accurately and in a timely manner. When you are working with money, you need to be very comfortable that the system is proven and will protect both franchisee and franchisor. IFG’s 47 years of experience certainly provides that comfort zone.

So, on the one hand we say we are looking for individuals that are not obsessed with detail, but on the other hand we clearly indicate that our transaction requires much due diligence and documentation. The difference comes when we look at who is doing the paperwork involved in an invoice discounting transaction. While both parties, franchisee and franchisor, are engaged in the transaction, it is the responsibility of the franchisor to handle all the transactional paperwork from start to finish.

This means that our franchisees basically have a paperless franchise and are not caught up with the day-to-day detail of form filling, report writing, bookkeeping, etc.

If you’re an individual that is perhaps a recovering workaholic, an individual that enjoys utilizing their people-to-people skills rather than their people-to-paper skills, and if you are an individual who likes the comfort of working under the umbrella of a well-established and proven system, then the IFG 50 – 50 franchise should be on your radar.

We live and work in the age of technology, and The Interface Financial Group have built a tremendous element of technology into the IFG 50 – 50 franchise.  This technology enables franchisees to work smart and not work hard, to put their capital to work rather than putting themselves to work and, naturally, to enjoy the benefits that come from such a system.


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