Gutter Shutter VP Shares Tips for Purposeful Leadership

Gutter Shutter’s Vast Possibilities Excite Vice President Stephanie Pelizzari

As a Female in a Male-Dominated Industry, Stephanie Pelizzari Forged Her Path Through Hard Work and Passion for Entrepreneurship

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When Stephanie Pelizzari talks about her work, she does so with an intensity born out of passion for her product and devotion to her team and customers. That product is Gutter Shutter, an ultra-sturdy, high-capacity gutter system that’s guaranteed not to clog. (Pelizzari is pictured above with Gutter Shutter CEO and President Larry Janesky).

Love at First Sight

Pelizzari has served as vice president of Gutter Shutter since its purchase date in 2020, and her belief in the system has only grown deeper with every installation. “Gutter Shutter looks absolutely beautiful, but what really drew me in was its strength. It’s the strongest gutter system, with a heavy-duty bracket designed to support the system on the home and to keep the hood and trough aligned for long-term effectiveness.” It’s high praise from someone with such robust experience in the home services industry. Pelizzari has spent close to a decade supporting and developing contractors and entrepreneurs with the goal of creating profitable, sustainable growth. While she now works primarily with owners and CEOs, Pelizzari also has years of in-home sales experience and management under her belt.

Gutter Shutter Vice President Stephanie Pelizzari
Vice President Stephanie Pelizzari

Women in Home Services

Pelizzari, who lives in Connecticut with her family, knows that she’s an anomaly as a female executive in the home services industry. “People can be a bit surprised, but within the first few minutes of speaking with me, any questions about my role swiftly fade. My enthusiasm and passion for entrepreneurship, for Gutter Shutter and for our network eliminate any reservations regarding my place in the company. My entire professional career has been working in male-dominated industries.”

And she points out that in every business endeavor, success comes from hard work, not gender. “To be a leader in any industry, you have to work harder, expect more and be willing to sacrifice in order to achieve what you really want.”

I didn’t have a woman in leadership I could emulate, so I carved my own path.

Taking Risks in Business

Pelizzari is up for such challenges. “I naturally gravitated to business owners who were taking big risks and pursuing industry disruption. As my career progressed, I didn’t have a woman in leadership I could emulate, so I carved my own path. Some might see that as a disadvantage, but it forced me to purposefully choose the leader I want to be. I’ve learned that before you can lead others, you must lead yourself. I inject my mornings with purpose and intention to take care of my mind and body. I consume the advice, experience and practices of successful and influential leaders in business, philosophy and even spirituality.

Gutter Shutter
Gutter Shutter Vice President Stephanie Pelizzari has an inspiring commitment to her work and team, motivated by the impact good business can have on a community. She lives with her family in Connecticut.

Tips for Purposeful Leadership

Pelizzari identifies three guideposts to success:

1. “Be careful who you ask for advice. Surround yourself with people who share your moral compass and positive approach, and who have a proven track record for accomplishing the things you seek to accomplish.”

2. “Listen to the naysayers; don’t ignore them. Use their words as fuel for your most challenging moments and to push yourself. Only you get to decide how far you go.”

3. “If you’re ever working at a company – women especially – that doesn’t encourage your own personal development, then find somewhere that will.”

The Gutter Shutter Opportunity

Gutter Shutter

Pelizzari sees vast opportunities for herself and others at Gutter Shutter. “It’s the best gutter system on the market. I truly believe that, and I’m proud to represent it. And I am just as proud of the opportunities Gutter Shutter has created for entrepreneurs. Every new Gutter Shutter company is a chance to bring quality jobs, financial freedom and hardworking solutions to a community. The gravity of that – the impact we’re having on individuals and families– is what pushes me every day.”

Gutter Shutter benefits from being in a growing industry, one fed by today’s weather extremes and a surge in rainwater harvesting. The worldwide rain gutter market size is projected to reach $7.9 billion by 2025, according to In the U.S. alone, the demand for gutters and downspouts is expected to hit $5.4 billion in 2025, according to Freedonia Group, an industry research company. Gutter Shutter offers exclusive territories in nearly every state. Franchisees need no experience in home renovation. They simply should be able to manage workers and projects and have a strong desire to nurture a business, one that provides excellent products and customer service.

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