Game Over? Not for This Marine Corps Vet!

Joshua Brasure is a Marine Corps Veteran, a stay-at-home dad  and an accomplished business owner who has found success in joining GameTruck as a franchisee.

GameTruck is a mobile video game theater company that brings people together to enjoy gaming in an interactive multiplayer environment. The video game parties feature all the latest consoles including Xbox 360,PS3 and Wii and can accommodate a minimum of sixteen players. In addition to video games, they also offer laser tag parties that take place outside of the theater and are complete with specialty missions, challenges and obstacles.

During Mr. Brasure’s eight years with the Marine Corps he’s been deployed three times, twice to Iraq and once to Afghanistan. During one of the deployments he unfortunately was forced to watch his first daughter being born on a web cam. Having missed out on such a miracle, Joshua knew he wouldn’t miss another special moment like that in his family’s life, and needed to find a career that provided him with the flexibility to do just that.

“I’ve done a lot of deployments, and unfortunately missed out on many events in my kids’ lives. I knew it was time to be home with my kids and my wife. We have been together for almost nine years, and my wife had to take care of the kids when I was away for as many as seven or eight months at a time. I missed my first child being born, I missed birthdays, I missed lots of things. We talked about it and as much as I loved the Marine Corps very much, I wanted to do something that I loved just as much, but could be with my family at the same time,” recalled Joshua.

The Veteran learned about GameTruck while he was working as a land surveyor in Charlotte, North Carolina and was surprised with the fact that GameTruck parties were booked three months in advance. Hearing about GameTruck’s popularity and its veteran discount offering for Vets prompted Mr. Brasure to research the company and how to become a franchisee.

“I thought that was very interesting, so I did a lot of research and found out the company is very veteran friendly. I started talking to them and I was hooked from the beginning,” said Joshua.

The veteran started the franchising process in October 2013 and bought his franchise in April 2014. In fact, he decided to begin the process before he had completed his time with the military.

“It was an extremely hard transition. The hardest part was that the military takes very good care of you, in all aspects, with your money, housing, food, medical and a lot of people don’t realize that when you get out you’re on your own and you suddenly have to take care of all those things. Especially for me, since I have a family; I had to make sure they were taken care of,” said Mr. Brasure.

Thankfully for Joshua, GameTruck’s training process involves step-by-step phases with education to help candidates get to the next level. The company considers everyone a member of their team and their success rate is linked to consistent support, growth and overall strength in the brand. Franchisee training helps operators run their business from start to finish including incoming customer phone calls to hosting parties and maintaining their rig. Joshua said that every single time he reaches out to the corporate offices for support he gets the answers he needs.

“The training was amazing. They gave me everything I needed and they were nothing but helpful. I am a very outgoing person, even if I have one question I will call someone and there is always someone there. I created a great working relationship with the corporate offices and that continues today.

They made it as simple as possible even though it is not an easy process,” explained the franchisee.

Joshua has found a very big difference in his work-life balance since he became a GameTruck Franchisee. Of course he is now out of the Marine Corps and no longer finds himself being sent away, and thankfully he now has the ability to work from home and be more available to his family whenever he’s needed.

Now that Joshua works from home, he is able to pick his kids up from school and never misses a birthday party, a school concert or a sporting event. He can commit to his family and work his business around their needs.

“The work-life balance is almost unreal. It is like a dream in comparison,” he said. “When my kids come home from school, I am there waiting for them.”

Joshua Brasure wants veterans to know that their potential does not peak with the military.

“After leaving the military, veterans may think they have to get a regular job just to pay the bills. I want them to know that we have a lot out there for us and that they need to take that leap. I was scared to death but looking back I am glad that I did it, because there are so many great things that have happened for me since then. I am just a regular guy but there are a lot of great things out there that we are entitled to and we don’t have to settle. I hope people look at their options and think to themselves ‘hey, maybe I can do this too.’”

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