Franchisee in Action – Rockin Jump: Taking the Ultimate Leap


Rockin’ Jump franchisee Steven Rodier took the ultimate leap of faith when he left his job as a product manager for a financial data and software company to open a trampoline park in trumbull, ct. Inspired by his daughter’s participation in trampoline gymnastics, Rodier purchased the franchise in July 2013 and was open and  running by May 2014, complete with wall-to-wall trampolines, a  foam pit, basketball hoops and a dodge ball arena –  Everything you could want in a trampoline park. Rodier was already committed to the idea of opening a trampoline park. The dread of spending the rest of his life behind a desk in a corporate job was his driving force to find something in the recreational and active lifestyle industry.

While researching a  specific trampoline manufacturer, that manufacturer gave him Rockin’ Jump as a reference. When Rodier called  Rockin’ Jump for a reference check, the representative he spoke with told him the company was about to start franchising. What drove Rodier to get on board with Rockin’ Jump was the sense that they were really  looking for franchise ‘partners’ rather than just people with money, and had shown early on how prepared they were to provide him with the comprehensive support he wanted.  “I thought it was a good idea to go with them to save myself some of the headaches and mistakes that I’d probably be doomed to make,” Rodier said during a recent interview from Trumbull. “I wanted to do something fun and family oriented that would also be a good workout for people,” he explained.

Although he estimates that he currently  works more hours than he did at his former job, he doesn’t notice the added hours because he’s having fun at work now, the franchisee said.  He also knows that as the park gets established, he’ll be able to work fewer hours and decide when and how much he wants to work.

Getting Started

Once Rodier had made the decision to go with Rockin’ Jump, they were in touch with him daily and helped him with every aspect of getting started.  Finding a suitable location was the hardest part, he recalled, but they trusted  him to work with his local real estate  representative to find one because he knew the area well. Once he narrowed it down, he told Rockin’ Jump about the location and their people provided him with reports
about the demographics of the area and whether it would likely be a good location.

They also gave him recommendations and support throughout the negotiating process.  “So they’re there every step of the way to help you with that process,” Rodier said.  And once the location is set, Rockin’ Jump
also helps out with recommendations for contractors and vendors. The company’s reputation in the trampoline industry is so well-known, the franchisee said, that  most trampoline vendors know them aknow what a franchisee will need as sas they call.  While the park was being set up, Rodier and the manager he hired flew out to Rockin’ Jump’s headquarters in Pleasanton, CA for two weeks of train

After that initial training, the company representatives have also made themseavailable for any and all questions Rodhas had since he started with them. Thhave answers, recommendations and advice for their new franchisees, he saand he gives the company his stamp approval.

“I would highly recommend it. WheneI have an issue or a question or just wato talk, they’ve been quick to respond,said. “I think the system they have in p is excellent.”

For Rodier, the leap of faith to Rockin Jump certainly did rock.

To inquire about Rockin’ Jump’s franchise opportunities: Call 1- 877-878-3920 or visit website:

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