Nexus Online Caters to Franchises

Nexus online is an internet marketing company with a global presence and an online marketing solution specific to franchises.

“A few years ago we developed the first  and only online marketing platform for  franchises,” CEO Hesham ElHamahmy said during a recent interview from the company’s headquarters in Princeton, New Jersey.

That platform is Nexus 360 software and ElHamahmy described its framework as  Franchising USA being similar to a hub and spoke set up, allowing both franchisors and franchisees to manage their online marketing  activities separately, but collaboratively. Franchisors act as a hub and franchisees act as the spokes.

“Franchisors can share control of their website and their social media accounts with their franchisees by setting the appropriate access, thereby creating a multilevel presence so both the franchisee and the franchisor, get to control their part of the message and still draw customers.” For example, a franchisor could set the software to detect when it posts something about a deal on its Facebook page and the software would automatically post that  same deal on the franchisees’ Facebook pages. It can also work the other way, with a franchisee posting something about a local deal and a franchisor’s account picking it up for increased exposure. This way the entire network benefits from everyone’s online activity.

But the software is just one facet of the company, which has been in operation for three years, the CEO noted. It’s the people behind the software that matter most.  “Sometimes, I feel that our real value isn’t the software, but acting as a marketing team extension for the customer,” ElHamahmy said. “Many of our customers need that 50+ years of experience that we’ve got on our team.

That team consists of 25 employees located throughout offices in New Jersey, Paris, Ukraine, Washington and New York, giving Nexus Online an international flair. Those employees have backgrounds in marketing, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, mobile communications, banking, and consumer products.  “Many small businesses can’t hire a marketing director or a full marketing team, so Nexus Online fills that role,” ElHamahmy said, “using the Nexus 360 software as a tool to use for the service Nexus offers, drawing up effective marketing plans for both franchise and independent small business customers alike.”

Marketing Efficiency:

The Nexus Online CEO said most online marketing solutions are ineffective because they only address one facet of online marketing rather than encompassing the website, social media, email, e-commerce and other forms of online marketing. With Nexus, businesses get all that so you don’t have to go to several different vendors.  According to research he’s read,  ElHamahmy said, 85 percent of online advertising is spent on direct ads like banner ads or Google AdWords, but there is only a 13 percent conversion rate from this spending, meaning most companies are receiving a deplorable return on  investment for the online advertising dollars.
It’s better to go with more organic online advertising, he recommended, and Nexus Online can steer businesses in that direction with their experience and know how.

“Nexus Online’s content distribution system is extremely powerful,” ElHamahmy said, “able to upload content and distribute it to many platforms at the push of a button, making that organic traffic easier to attract.” The company’s predictive analytics are also of great value, allowing clients to see  how well the system is working and where  their online marketing needs improvement. It is able to measure effectiveness of specific ads, meaning ROI is easily tracked. “We really try to be a one-stop shop for franchises, especially emerging business,” ElHamahmy said. With a software platform that was built from the ground up specifically for  franchises, and a team to back it up, Nexus  Online promises to take franchises’ online marketing efforts to the proverbial next level.

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