Franchise Business Owners Have a lot to Gain from Hiring Veteran Employees

resources for hiring veterans

Hiring a Veteran is a Great Opportunity to Leverage an Incredible Talent Pool. Here are Several Resources for Hiring Veterans.

Military veterans are a tremendous resource, and hiring them is a great decision for franchise business owners. Very similar to a good franchise system, military systems are based on structured routine, excellent training, and lots of practice. Veterans have respect for procedures which makes them very capable of executing when given appropriate systems and proper training. Veterans’ reliability and dependability are way above the average civilian citizen. The military lives and breathes on systems and routines, and veterans bring that experience along with integrity, leadership skills, a team-based mentality, resilience, and a tremendous work ethic when they come to your franchise as an employee.

In the military, there is a great blending and mixing and equalizing of personalities, backgrounds and cultures. This provides the skills and experience for veterans to adapt to a variety of people, structures and accountability systems that are already in place. It also makes them ideal employees.

You need great people to run a good business, veterans are very qualified and typically have demonstrated success with systems, training and accountability. Veterans have the sensitivity to cooperate with many different types of individuals regardless of race, gender, geographic origin, ethnic background, religion, economic status or mental and physical attributes.

For me, there is a moral obligation to give veterans an opportunity when all things are equal. I would hire a veteran over a non-veteran as a simple courtesy and respect for their sacrifices and willingness to serve our country. Offering veterans employment opportunities as a preference is appropriate and patriotic. Hiring a veteran is a great opportunity to leverage an incredible talent pool. I consider hiring a veteran an honor and an opportunity to do the right thing.

Resources for Hiring Veterans

Below are several resources for hiring veterans into your franchise business.

VA Veterans Employment Toolkit: A resource from the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, the toolkit provides a variety of outside resources for employers, managers or supervisors, and human resource professionals. 

U.S. Department of Labor: Employers can find a number of resources for hiring veterans. Employers can post jobs on this comprehensive platform for veterans.

Indeed for Military: This advertising platform helps employers find and connect with military-experienced job seekers based on location, search and resume criteria.

Careeronestop: Careeronestop has many resources for employers including a civilian-to-military occupation translator that helps identify relevant military experience by matching a civilian job opening to military careers that use similar skills.

Hire G.I.: Hire G.I.’s mission is to connect transitioning active-duty military personnel, veterans, and their spouses with quality military-friendly employers, franchise organizations, and educational institutions. They hold hiring events and transition expos on over 50 military bases. Employers can meet with transitioning service members and military spouses 01-120 days away from transitioning to civilian careers and/ or starting a business.

Heroes Linked: Heroes Linked connects veterans, transitioning service members, and military spouses with career-building civilian advisors. Employers can leverage their skills and experience in the civilian job market to effectively advise military retirees and prepare them for their professional careers in the civilian world. 

Veterans at Work: This platform helps employers and HR professionals to attract, hire and retain veteran employees. The goal of Veterans at Work is to break down barriers from within the hiring process and improve supports for veterans, military families, and caregivers throughout the employment lifecycle.

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