FirstLight Home Care CEO on Achieving Franchisee Success

FirstLight Home Care Franchsie

Glee McAnanly’s Focus on Team Empowerment Creates a Winning Culture for the Senior Care Brand

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FirstLight Home Care President and CEO Glee McAnanly believes that a happy team leads to happy franchisees and customers. She shares insights into her leadership style, revealing why it has helped the senior care brand flourish.

FirstLight Home Care Franchise Glee McAnanly
Glee McAnanly

How Do You Empower Your Team?

I believe in investing in the development of team members so they can grow and lead with passion and purpose. It’s important to empower individuals to use their strengths with clearly defined roles and the authority/autonomy to make decisions and thrive. I encourage cross-team collaboration and a positive work environment where people feel valued and respected.

FirstLight Home Care Franchsie
FirstLight Home Care has invested in building a franchisee-centric organization with a ratio of five franchisees to every support center team member.

What is Your Leadership Style?

I am a collaborative, hands-on leader focused on building relationships. What I enjoy most is leading, developing and mentoring my team.

Please Share Your Background.

In addition to many years of corporate franchise leadership experience, I also have more than 25 years of franchisee experience. To this day, I am passionate about franchising as it can create generational wealth for families with more direct control over their future. We really do exist to help people have their best day, every day. I was attracted to FirstLight because home care intersects with my personal mission in life and is an exciting vocation of serving others and helping them develop in their own work and life.

What is the Culture Like at FirstLight?

We foster a company culture where team members are recognized, respected, appreciated and empowered to find purpose and meaning in their work every day. We always lead with our shared core values because these help us achieve our mission. We find, bring and share joy in our work every day.

How Does FirstLight Home Care Set Up Franchisees for Success?

We ensure our franchisees come first so that they have every opportunity to thrive and grow their business. We have a dedicated employee who works solely with new franchisees to help them get started. When franchisees feel supported and valued, they can develop their own teams and their businesses. We help each franchisee own their community, specifically in the area of building a strong referral network.

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Aging U.S. Population

FirstLight Home Care franchise

According to FirstLight Home Care’s website, 1 in 7 Americans are over 65, and 90% want to age with dignity at home. Not only do franchisees benefit from offering non-medical and medical senior care, but they also have meaning in their work.

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