First-Ever Franchisor Appreciation Day Debuts September 15

Franchisor Appreciation Day

This Annual Day of Gratitude Gives Franchise Business Owners a Chance to Thank Their Franchise Support Team

The first-ever Franchisor Appreciation Day debuts this week on Thursday, September 15. So what’s it all about? This annual day of gratitude gives franchise business owners a chance to thank their franchisor’s corporate team for all they do.

In my work, I hear from many franchisees, but PuroClean’s Keegan Trudgen came to me with an unusual request. He wanted my help to promote a new initiative he was launching, Franchisor Appreciation Day. Trudgen’s goal is to turn September 15 into an annual day of gratitude for the franchise support teams who help him and the thousands of other franchise owners operate. I immediately loved the idea. Anything that strengthens relationships and improves culture is something I support.

What is Franchisor Appreciation Day?

Not to be confused with Franchise Appreciation Day, which encourages consumers to patronize local franchise businesses, Franchisor Appreciation Day is about encouraging franchise business owners to express their gratitude to the corporate teams who support their operations.

The term “franchisor” brings different images to mind. To some, it’s an abstract corporate entity. To others, it’s the founder, CEO, or executive suite. But the term also refers to the entire team who works for the brand in service of franchisees. These are the people working in cubicles or out in the field. They’re the ones taking phone calls, responding to emails, and all too often, listening to complaints. If a franchisee is upset about something and wants to discuss it with the “franchisor,” it’s usually these people who hear it first. It’s a hard job, and they’re probably not getting rich doing it. They deserve some acknowledgment from those they’re serving. Trudgen has strong feelings about this.

“Prior to being a franchisee, I was in several support roles – finance, marketing, etc. I know firsthand how disconnected from the frontline work you can get when you are in a support role, even to the point that it can feel thankless.”

For that reason, Trudgen has made it an annual tradition to send lunch to his franchisor. “I send them lunch because I wanted to let them know that I appreciated their work/support and the least that I could do is send them a thank you one time per year.”

The Inspiration for Franchisor Appreciation Day

After hearing an NPR piece about the establishing of official “days,” it occurred to him he could start a larger movement. “I thought, ‘why keep something like this limited to my own brand or myself when every franchisee can say thank you to those who support them every day?’” Trudgen reached out to marketing partner Bright Clean Agency to help get the word out. CEO Madalina Iordache immediately took to the idea. “My first thought was, ‘Wait, isn’t there a Franchisor Appreciation Day already? We’re going to have to fix this!’”

Their first step was to launch a website, “We wanted to have some content to help franchise owners adopt this holiday, and we also wanted to offer ideas about how people could celebrate it.”

When gratitude flows in both directions, the brand as a whole becomes stronger, which is good for everyone.

I was excited when Trudgen and Bright Pink contacted me for help launching the initiative. I’ve been a franchisee and now work with many franchise brands. The best I see have strong cultures and constructive relationships. When gratitude flows in both directions, the brand as a whole becomes stronger, which is good for everyone. Even if franchisees have concerns and issues with their franchisor, it’s still important to draw attention to what is working. Everyone needs a little love, respect, and appreciation. Franchisees should expect that from their corporate partners, but they should be willing to give some back in return. 

Ways to Celebrate Franchisor Appreciation Day

Here’s how franchisees can express their appreciation to their franchisor on Franchisor Appreciation Day:

  • Send a meal. It might be best to tell them about this on September 15, but schedule it for a different day, so they’re not inundated with multiple lunches!
  • Send small gifts. The gesture is more important than the size or monetary value.
  • Send a note. A greeting card, handwritten message, or even a short email can really make their day.
  • Record a video. You can send a brief video message to share around the office and post on social media.
  • Pick up the phone. A quick call — even a voicemail message — just to say thanks will be unexpected but greatly appreciated.
  • Use the appropriate hashtags. Franchisees are encouraged to use the hashtag #FranchisorAppreciationDay with any social media posts.

“I hope that the day gains traction,” says Trudgen. “I hope that it becomes a day championed by franchisees who value the people who support them and help them to run their businesses. And I hope that it puts a few smiles on people’s faces. That’s it. There is no ulterior motive — just a day to say ‘Thanks!’”

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