Entrepreneurs Thrive in the Real Estate Business with Joe Homebuyer

Joe Homebuyer Franchise

The Joe Homebuyer Franchise has a Step-By-Step Process to Sell Unwanted Properties

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Joe Homebuyer co-founders Cody Hofhine and Mark Stubler are on a mission to improve lives by delivering creative real estate solutions. They have developed a step-by-step process to sell unwanted properties and help entrepreneurs build wealth in the process — no experience necessary.

The two men have grown their franchise system with aspiring business owners in mind. They feel good about the support and guidance they offer franchisees because they have experienced their own journeys into entrepreneurship. Stubler entered real estate as a deck and fence salesman.

Mark Stubler, Joe Homebuyer franchise
Joe Homebuyer Co-founder Mark Stubler

While he loved the company and was well compensated, he didn’t have the lifestyle he wanted. “I always had that entrepreneurial blood running through my veins,” Stubler says. “And for years, I kind of suppressed it because I made pretty good money. Some of us joke about the ‘golden handcuffs,’ this idea that you work for a company, get paid pretty well, and get rewarded just enough to stick around.”

Unlike Stubler, Hofhine came into real estate without any experience; prior to Joe Homebuyer, Hofhine’s only exposure to real estate was when he and his wife bought a home, but he quickly fell in love with the industry and the possibilities to build wealth.

Cody Hofhine, Joe Homebuyer
Joe Homebuyer Co-founder Cody Hofhine

In 2016, the duo started the Utah-based real estate service that helps homeowners sell properties quickly without the hassle of traditional listings. The two soon saw that they had something special and launched the franchise in 2019 to expand to other markets.

Joe Homebuyer has turned into something bigger than we ever imagined.

“We realized that we can build a system and a process where we can partner with talented individuals through the franchise model and help them really thrive in real estate using the Joe Homebuyer best practices,” Stubler says. “Joe Homebuyer has turned into something bigger than we ever imagined.”

Ideal Joe Homebuyer Franchise Owner

The ideal franchisee is an ambitious individual who loves real estate and is committed to following the company’s mission. No prior real estate experience is required because Joe Homebuyer’s training is comprehensive and customizable for every new franchisee. Joe Homebuyer welcomes semi-absentee, absentee and owner/operators, and helps them establish a blueprint for successfully running their business. Franchisees also benefit from networking with each other.

How Joe Homebuyer Works

With Joe Homebuyer, franchisees have three strategies to grow their wealth: wholesaling; fix and flip; and rental income. Marketing is the lifeblood of the business. This marketing attracts people who are looking to sell properties. Since Joe Homebuyer franchisees don’t have to lease a brick-and-mortar location, buy a lot of inventory or hire many employees, they can focus their dollars on marketing.

“In a competitive market, you may have to invest more money, but franchise owners can anticipate a return proportional to that investment,” Stubler says. “This is true for mid-sized to smaller markets. In a booming economy or a down market, the Joe Homebuyer model is adaptable.”

Joe Homebuyer’s Support and Leadership

When franchisees put their first property under contract, Joe Homebuyer’s support team sits with them to ensure email blasts are ready to go and that they know the steps of the process. Additionally, franchisees can contact the support team whenever they need it and participate in regularly scheduled educational conference Zoom calls to ask questions.

Joe Homebuyer’s support and training is ongoing. In addition to weekly calls, franchisees can leverage acquisition manager support to navigate the negotiation process. New franchisees are also put in groups to build camaraderie and unity throughout the system. The same is true for seasoned franchisees with the real estate brand.

For more information about the Joe Homebuyer franchise, go to https://joehomebuyerfranchising.com.

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