Dog Training Elite Expands to Northwest Michigan

The Dog Training Franchise Offers In-Home and Group Training

Dan Lutchko of Northwest Michigan is the newest franchise owner of Dog Training Elite. Like many Dog Training Elite franchise owners, Lutchko is a career switcher or an individual who enters a new industry. Lutchko started out training employees in the food service and manufacturing industries.

“My professional background is in training humans,” Lutchko said, “I’ve spent 20 years training employees in the retail food service and food manufacturing industries.”

This is Lutchko’s first venture into the world of business. Lutchko first heard about Dog Training Elite when he started planning his transition from food service to pet care franchise owner. Specifically, Lutchko found Dog Training Elite while searching animal-based franchises. Lutchko is a big fan of dogs and noted that Dog Training Elite was a good fit for him because “It gives me the opportunity to help people while doing something I love.” Lutchko also noted that after a decade in hot, sweaty food manufacturing facilities, he was ready to move on and pursue his dream.

The Dog Training Elite Model

Lutchko was also enamored with Dog Training Elite’s business model, something that tends to pull in potential franchise owners even without any background in business. Dog Training Elite is designed to have low overhead and great profit margins — making it the ideal business choice for individuals who would prefer franchising over starting a risky business from scratch.

But what really got Lutchko onboard was his Approval Day. Dog Training Elite franchise owners are encouraged to attend a Dog Training Elite Approval Day (previously known as a Discovery Day) to gain a better sense of what goes on behind the scenes for franchisees on a daily basis. During this one-day session, they will shadow an experienced franchise owner at a Dog Training Elite site. Approval Days provide prospective franchise owners a sneak peek at what their new franchise would offer future consumers.

Dog Training Elite Approval Day

Lutchko spent a day in a Dog Training Elite facility with the corporate team and other franchise owners. While there, Lutchko noted that he enjoyed the friendliness of everyone involved. But it wasn’t until he started to learn more about the finances involved in launching a Dog Training Elite franchise location that he was sold on becoming part of the family.

“Once I got the financial possibilities mixed with what I would be doing, I realized it was for real!” said Lutchko.

Lutchko has four children and plans to marry his fiancé, Samantha, in the summer of 2023. Lutchko’s hobbies include fishing, hiking, biking, exploring, and spending time with his lovely family. He’s also noted that dogs and pets are a big part of his life and just as important as the rest of his family.

When asked what would make him successful as a business owner, Lutchko said that a strong work ethic and drive to succeed to help other people and pets were big factors.

Dog Training Elite Franchise

DTE franchise

Whether you have experience with entrepreneurship or are a career-switcher from a totally different industry like Lutchko, Dog Training Elite could help you achieve your goals.

Dog Training Elite is one of the fastest-growing dog training and pet care franchises in the United States. You also don’t have to play the role of dog trainer. Franchisees can manage the business as semi-absentee owners and maintain their existing employment if they have a lead trainer in place. Dog Training Elite is a fantastic franchise opportunity for people looking to make a total career change.

Dog Training Elite franchisees like the independence and flexibility that comes with ownership. Work is scheduled around you, not the other way around! All that is necessary to start is a franchise fee, marketing, and a trainer.

Dog Training Elite is also an excellent choice for individuals who do not want to deal with expensive training facilities or brick-and-mortar businesses. Franchise owners and trainers bring the training sessions directly to clients’ homes, where everyone (including the pups) are much more comfortable. With no excessive space needed, franchise owners can save a lot in terms of property rent. You could get your Dog Training Elite location set up in as little as a month. To learn more about Dog Training Elite, visit the company’s franchise page.

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