Diversity and Inclusion are at the Core of Tierra Encantada

Tierra Encantada Kristen Denzer

The Spanish-Immersion Early Education Program Fosters Cognitive Development and Teaches Respect for Diversity

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Like many franchise founders, Tierra Encantada CEO Kristen Denzer started her business based on a gap in the market. In her case, it was a lack of quality childcare. 

Denzer struggled to find a childcare center that met her needs. Center after center followed a tired, cookie-cutter approach to early education, and she was disappointed to see that many didn’t incorporate language learning and all of them had mediocre meal programs. 

This inspired her to establish Tierra Encantada, a Spanish- Immersion early education program for children ages 6 weeks to 6 years old. Building an entirely new and modern program has catapulted Denzer and Tierra Encantada to success and to become the leaders in Spanish-immersion early education. While their first five locations have all been corporate owned, in 2019 Tierra Encantada began franchising and their growth has been exponential since then. Because of this, the company has been featured each of the past three years in Financial Times’ list of America’s fastest growing companies.

“Our programs are more than just Spanish immersion. We also have a unique focus on how diversity of all types makes the world a better place. We use cloth diapers in our centers and our fresh-cooked organic meals are designed to expand young palates,” Denzer says. 

Diversity and Inclusion

Tierra Encantada differentiates itself from other childcare franchises by focusing on childhood development with diversity and inclusion at the core of its business model. “Childcare has evolved to better account for what research has shown about how critical the early years are for child development, but also to reflect what parents want for their children,” Denzer says. 

Tierra Encantada franchise

She believes that the vast majority of childcare programs remain the typical run-of-the-mill childcare center, and because Tierra Encantada has broken free from this, they have seen tremendous growth. “Some have individual components of what we do, but few succeed at providing the entire Tierra Encantada experience for their students, families, communities, and franchisees,” Denzer says.  

The Tierra Encantada Franchise Opportunity

Thanks to Tierra Encantada’s extensive and ongoing support, franchise owners don’t need to have an extensive background in childcare or teaching. Most of the brand’s franchisees don’t speak Spanish or have an educational background. The business is structured so that the owner doesn’t need to sacrifice nights or weekends, and their proprietary model enables franchise owners with a business that doesn’t require a physical presence in the center.

“The ideal franchisee for Tierra Encantada is one who aligns with our values. This means they value diversity of all types and have a passion for excellence. They are team-focused, working to better the system and grow the brand,” Denzer says. The ideal candidate also takes pride in ownership, is resourceful, and takes advantage of all of the resources and support offered to them. 

For more information, visit the Tierra Encantada Franchise Website.

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